Chain Saw – Types and How To Choose The Best One

Chain Saw/Electric Pole Saws or chainsaw (alternatively spelled chain saw) is a portable, mechanical saw which cuts with a set of teeth attached to a rotating chain that runs along a guide bar. It is used in activities such as tree felling, limbing, bucking, pruning, cutting firebreaks in wildland fire suppression and harvesting of firewood. Chainsaws with specially designed bar and chain combinations have been developed as tools for use in chainsaw art and chainsaw mills. Specialized chainsaws are used for cutting concrete. Chainsaws are sometimes used for cutting ice, for example for ice sculpture and in Finland for winter swimming. Someone who uses a saw is a sawyer.

If you have a garden or lawn and you have to do the trimming activity regularly, you need a pole saw. There are different types of pole saws available, and among them, the electric pole saw is the best. There is no headache of refilling, as it is the case with a gas-powered pole saw. Besides, it does not cause any pollution. There is also no maintenance issue. An electric pole saw offers more flexibility for easy trimming and pruning. Check out the best electric pole saws available online.

Top Best Electric Pole Saws/Chain Saw List

WEN 4018 8-Inch 5-Amp Electric Pole Saw

First in the list of the best electric pole saw is this product from WEN. It comes with 5.2A motor and the chain speed is 35 feet per second. The pole saw is extendable up to 9 feet. There is also an automatic bar oiler, and you can also refill it after watching the low level through oil level window. The chain tensioning system is also adjustable without any need for any tool. In the package, you get Oregon saw chain, strap, scabbard, motor brush, and wrench. You can trim the hedges, bushes, and trees easily and do pruning on thin logs.

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Reason To Buy This

  • It is possible to extend the length of the saw by 9 feet
  • The built-in 5.2A motor delivers high performance for different sewing tasks
  • There is no need to use extra tools for adjusting the chain tension system
  • All the vital accessories are included in the package

Poulan 952802360 8 Amp 1.5 HP Electric Pole Pruner With 10-Inch Bar And Chain

This telescopic electric pole saw extends from 4.75 to 8 feet. Therefore, you can reach out to the overhead limbs easily. It comes with a 10-inch bar and chain, and the motor is powerful with 8A and 1.5 horsepower. You can also convert it into a chainsaw by releasing the pole extension. Moreover, it operates noiselessly, and the construction is solid for higher durability. It is a perfect tool for fall tree pruning and other regular cutting and trimming activities in your garden, patio, and farm.

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Reason To Buy This

  • The entire construction is made sturdy for presenting exceptional durability
  • Length of this saw can be extended from 4.75 to 8 feet
  • By the release of the pole extension system, this tool can be converted into chainsaw
  • During the operation, there will be no noise generated

Remington RM1035P Ranger II 8-Amp Electric 2-In-1 Pole Saw

This is one of the best electric saw poles, and it is highly versatile. You can convert it from a pole saw to a chainsaw easily with the quick-release button available. Besides, it is extendable up to 10 feet, and therefore, the reach is really long. Moreover, there is a branch hook convenient that helps you to clear the hung-up limbs. It sports a powerful 8A motor, and it has an automatic oiling system.

Furthermore, there are flip and lock clamps available to adjust the length of the pole saw instantly and trim trees of different lengths. The non-slip grip increases comfort and stability. Along with that, there is also the anti-rotation shaft for safety. It is a highly reliable and durable electric pole saw.

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Reason To Buy This

  • You can extend the length of this saw by 10 feet
  • Instant length adjustment is facilitated by flip and lock clamps
  • Capable to trim trees of varying lengths
  • To enhance the stability and convenience while sawing, this tool is equipped with non-slip grip

WEN 4021 8-Inch 6.5A Electric Telescoping Pole Saw

This telescopic electric pole saw is extendable from 6.5 to 13.5 feet. There are various other sizes available to choose from. You can reach out to overhead hanging limbs and branches of the trees easily. It sports a standard 6.5A motor, and the rotation speed of the Oregon chain is 2165 feet per minute. The product weighs only 8 pounds and therefore, you will not get fatigued during the operation.

Moreover, you can adjust the chain with any need for tools. It does not cause any environmental issue. The package includes an 8-inch saw chain, adjustable center handle, shoulder strap, and a scabbard. There is also safety lock along with blade cover to prevent accidents during operation and storage. Besides, there is also the standard automatic oiling system available to keep the chain lubricated. You can also easily adjust the angle switch, and the handle is ergonomic in design for ultimate comfort.

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Reason To Buy This

  • Since it only weighs 8 pounds, there will be no hassles while transporting it
  • No extra tools are required for adjusting the length of the chain
  • There is the inclusion of a safety lock with a blade cover to avoid accidents all through its operation

Remington RM1025SPS Ranger 8-Amp Electric 2-In-1 Pole Saw & Chainsaw

This 2-in-1 electric pole saw works both as a chainsaw and pole saw. You need no tools to convert this into a chainsaw. With the two aluminum booms, you can reach up to 10 to 15-feet to cut the high limbs or branches. The pole saw starts quickly with an 8-amp electric motor and the chain also drives with a minimum amount of kickback. The saw comes with a 10-inch bar. The telescoping design with the flip and lock clamps also provides a simple length adjustment of the pole.

Moreover, you can safely trim the branches with a non-rotating shaft and a comfortable anti-slip grip. The bar and chain require oiling when you do not you the pole saw. You have to loosen the tension of the chain, after using the chainsaw. The shifting from pole saw to a chainsaw is easy and fast with this electric chainsaw.

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Reason To Buy This

  • It is easy to cut lengthy limbs because this saw’s length can be extended by up to 10 to 15 feet
  • Implementation of the telescoping design with the flip and lock clamps allow easy adjustment of the length
  • The included non-rotating shaft allows safe trimming of the branches
  • Can make an easy transition from a pole saw to chainsaw

Sun Joe SWJ803E 10-Inch 8-Amp Multi-Angle Telescopic Electric Pole Chain Saw

The electric pole saw comes with a multi-angle trimming feature. You can adjust the angle of the saw-head from zero to 30-degree. An 8-amp electric motor sufficiently trims down branches or limbs with a maximum diameter of 9.5-inch. The telescoping design of the pole also helps to extend the pole saw from 7.2 to 14-feet overhead. Moreover, you use this pole saw as a chainsaw as well. It comes with a 10-inch bar and a chain.

Furthermore, the pole saw includes an auto-lubrication facility with an auto-oiler for the bar and chain. The saw does not make extra kickbacks. It also includes a built-in safety switch to stop any kind of accidental start. However, the chain of this pole saw is not detachable. The saw weighs only 7.9-pound. You can easily and safely trim down the branches over 15-feet, by standing on the ground.

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Reason To Buy This

  • The pack includes a 10-inch bar and a chain
  • Implementation of its telescopic design allows length adjustment from 7.2 to 14-feet overhead
  • There is an 8A motor included to trim tree branches and limbs
  • It only weighs 7.9 pounds, so quite simple to carry

Worx WG309 Electric Pole Saw

You will get this electric pole saw with the auto-tensioning feature to extend the life of the bar and chain. This pole saw has an 8-amp electric motor with an unfailing performance. The engine requires a power supply of 12-voltage. The chainsaw comes with an oil-tank of 120-ml capacity for the auto-lubrication of the bar and chain. Moreover, the rotatable handle of the saw supports easy trimming. Additionally, you need no tool to install this pole saw.

You can extend the handle of this saw up to 8-feet. The saw has a 10-inch bar. With a compact design, this saw comes with a light-weight of 10lbs. You can reach the difficult limbs up to 10-feet from the ground. Furthermore, you can use it like a chainsaw, by removing the extension pole. This pole saw comes with a convenient storage option with a good shelf-life. It is one of the best electric pole saws available.

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Reason To Buy This

  • In order to automatically lubricate chain and bar, this saw possesses an oil-tank with 120-ml capacity
  • The included handle can be extended up to 8 feet of length
  • Includes a hassle-free storage facility
  • No extra tools are required for the installation

Sun Joe SWJ802E 9 FT 6.5 Amp Electric Pole Chain Saw With Adjustable Head

The multi-utility electric saw includes the feature of both the pole saw and chainsaw. This saw has an extension pole with a maximum length of 9.4-feet. With the help of this handle, you can reach the 15-feet of overhead to trim the branches. Furthermore, the multi-angle adjustable head of this saw trims the limbs in different angle setting options from zero to 30-degree. The auto-oiling system of the saw also helps to sustain the life of the bar and chain.

The oil-tank has the capacity of 2-liquid ounces. The powerful 6.5-amp motor can cut the branches with a maximum thickness of 7.5-inch. The length of the saw bar is 8-inch. Moreover, the safety switch on the saw prevents accidental starting. You cannot remove the chain from the saw. You have to loosen the chain after you use the saw. This saw also does not make much noise while cutting.

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Reason To Buy This

  • The included extension pole comes with a maximum length of 9.4-feet
  • Its oil tank comes with a capacity of 2-liquid ounces and it is used for auto-lubrication
  • Inclusion of the safety switch avoids abrupt starting
  • During the cutting process, it does not generate excess noise

BLACK+DECKER PP610 6.5-Amp Corded Pole Saw

This electric pole saw has a robust extended pole with a maximum length of 9.5-feet. The 6.5-amp motor provides precise cutting for the branches. The chain and bar come with the auto-oiling facility to extend the lifespan of the chainsaw. The 10-inch long bar with chain provides the steady cutting. This corded saw has a compact design and light-weight of 7.9-lbs. You also can effectively reach the branches easily up to the height of 10-feet of overhead. You need to put the chain on before the trimming.

Moreover, the pole saw comes with the manual-tensioning system. After using the saw, you need to loosen the chain. With a transparent and self-lubrication oil-tank, you also can monitor the oil level of the chainsaw. The saw has an improved cut speed with minimized vibration. You can cut the branches with a thickness of 7 to 10-inch. It is one of the best electric pole saws to opt for.

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Reason To Buy This

  • The built-in 6.5-amp motor makes sure accurate cutting is employed
  • Lightweight design is conveyed because this tool only weighs 7.9 lbs
  • Its oil-tank is transparent to let you easily monitor the oil level of the saw
  • The tree branches with a thickness of 7 to 10 inches can be easily trimmed

BLACK+DECKER LPP120 20-Volt Lithium-Ion Cordless Pole Saw

The telescoping design of the extension pole allows it to extend from 6.5 to 10-feet. So, you can have the overhead reach of up to 14-feet to trim the limbs. This electric pole saw has the 200-Volt lithium-ion battery to run the machine. Moreover, you can effectively cut down the 1.5-inch wide pine branches up to 100 times with a single battery charging. This convertible chainsaw comes with an 8-inch long bar with a chain. You can cut down the logs with the maximum diameter of 6-inch.

Furthermore, the battery-powered and cordless pole saw supports smooth movement and handling. The charger consumes less power while charging. This saw also comes with the self-lubrication option to prevent the bar and chain from damaging. Additionally, you will also get a blade guard for additional safety. An inline power head permits easy visibility between the limbs. It is one of the best electric pole saws available.

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Reason To Buy This

  • Its cordless operation indicates high portability
  • Allows you to cut 1.5-inch wide pine branches for several times
  • The saw comes with a chain and an 8-inch long bar
  • During the operation, it will be comfortable to hold and move

Greenworks 8.5′ 40V Cordless Pole Saw

With the convenient weight of 8.4 pounds, this pole saw supports easy transportability. This battery-operated saw comes with a 40-Volt lithium-ion battery system and two 2Ah batteries and charger. The 8-inch bar of this saw provides a precise trimming of the branches. The chain-tensioning system also supports a fast tensioning of the chain. The auto-lubrication for the chain and bar assure the durability and also make the chainsaw work well. Moreover, the transparent oil-tank helps to keep an eye on the oil level.

The three-folding aluminum extension pole extends up to 8-feet long. You can have the overhead reach up to 15-feet to trim the branches. With a single charge, you can cut the branches up to 60 times. This is a cordless pole cum chainsaw. It is better to remove the chain when you do not use the saw. This pole saw also allows stress-free transportability. It is a value for money product.

[amazon box=”B00AW72WR0″]

Reason To Buy This

  • The implemented chain-tensioning system supports a quick tensioning of the chain
  • Allows you to cut tree branches for 60 times
  • Can be charged in less time and subsequently, it can be used in a cordless fashion

Sun Joe SWJ800E 8-Inch 6.5-Amp Telescoping Electric Pole Chain Saw

With this telescopic electric pole saw, you can easily reach out to the overhanging limbs and cut them perfectly. The product is also light in weight with just 7 pounds of weight. Therefore, lifting the pole saw to cut the limbs and logs is very convenient. Moreover, the telescopic nature of the pole saw makes you reach from 8.7 feet to 15 feet. You can use a ladder to reach further if you need to. The pole saw comes with 6.5A motor which is very powerful yet operates quietly.

You can cut branches of thickness 7.5 inches, and it comes with Oregon cutting bar along with the chain. There is also an automatic lubrication system, and the product is CSA approved. The product comes with two years of warranty. Moreover, you can power it up with a single push of a button. There will be no fumes or smoke, and there is also a safety switch available to prevent accidental starting by anyone.

[amazon box=”B009FT54CQ”]

Reason To Buy This

  • The tree branches with a thickness of 7.5 inches can be conveniently trimmed
  • Backed with a 2-year warranty
  • With the press of a push button, you can initiate its operation
  • To avert abrupt starting, a safety switch is included

Buyer’s Guide of Chain Saw

Pole saws, even the top-end ones, aren’t the most expensive tool you’ll ever buy, but when you’re trying to beautify your home or business, getting the wrong one can send your blood pressure through the roof. Take the time to think it over before you buy and you’ll save yourself a world of grief.

When you’re buying an electrical pole saw the most immediate thing you’ll notice, and have to choose between, is whether you want a battery-operated saw or one that uses an electrical cord. There are some very real pros and cons to battery-operated versus corded electrical tools. Let’s take a look at them separately to make things easier.

Battery operated

Battery operated pole saws give you an unlimited range of motion and activity. If you find yourself going around and around a tree or a huge pile of bushes you won’t have to worry about getting an extension cord tangled up in things. You can move back and forth as the need arises constantly having to check on where the cord is or have the saw yanked out of your hand or suddenly loose power when the cord snags on something.

The more trimming you do, the more branches and limbs will be laying on the ground, presenting increased opportunities for tangled cords. It also means you’ll have to spend more time on cord management, moving it over and under and around things to keep it clear.

Batteries free you from all of it. With battery operated saws, the only thing you have to worry about is where your next cut is going to be.

Batteries also give you the freedom to range far afield beyond the reach of most extension cords. You can even toss the saw in the back of a work truck and head for the other side of your property where there might not be any outlets around. If you’re taking care of anything larger than an ordinary residential lot, that freedom of range and movement will become priceless.

But there are two sides to every argument, so let’s take a look at the other one.


With pole saws that use electrical cords, you’ll never have to worry about running out of power. Batteries, even the best of them, have inherent limits on how much juice they can store before they begin running down. It’s just the laws of nature. If you have a lot of cutting and trimming to do this could become a huge issue.

Batteries for pole saws and other electrical equipment are expensive. The moment you run into a situation where you’ll be needing to work beyond the limits of how much power they can store, you’ll have to start purchasing those expensive spares. If you do professional yard word it’s probably a good investment, but if you’re only doing occasional work around the house, perhaps each spring, then you might be spending money you don’t need to.

If buying a spare battery isn’t an option for some reason, you’ll be in the alternate position where you’ll be able to work for a while then have to wait while the battery recharges for an hour to an hour-and-a-half. You can get some clean-up while you’re waiting, but it breaks the rhythm of your work and it can be hard to get back into it.

Extension cords are relatively cheap compared to the 40-volt batteries required by these tools. It might be more cost-effective to string a couple of them together to reach the outside of your property if you’re only using your pole saw once or twice a year.

What makes a good pole saw?

A good pole saw needs to be lightweight. Ten or twelve pounds is fairly light until you have to hold it at the end of an eight-foot pole. An unbalanced weight can put tremendous amounts of stress on your arms and shoulders in next to no time.

Look for a saw that is well-balanced. Weight at the back end helps counter-balance the weight of the saw at the other end, reliving the stress on you and making the tool much more comfortable to use if you’ve got a lot of work to do.

A good pole saw should have lots of power. Electrical tools, and especially batteries for them, have come a long way in recent years. There’s no reason to put up with an underpowered saw. The one you purchase should, at a minimum, be able to cut through 6″ tree limbs without any problems. More is better of course, but 6″ is the minimum you should accept.

It should also be easy to adjust, and tool-less adjustments will always be preferable to adjustments that require hex wrenches or screwdrivers.

Tips when buying

Make sure you get a good warranty, then make sure you fill out the card and send it in or fill it out online or whatever it is the manufacturer requires. It’s hard enough sometimes getting companies to honor their warranties with making their job easier by giving them extra ammunition to use against you. Fill out the warranty and send it in. Maybe you’ll never need it, but if you do, and you didn’t fill it out you’ll have no one to blame but yourself.

On a related note, it’s rare to buy directly from the manufacturer so check with the retailer and see if they offer any exchanges or repairs for damaged or dead equipment. Since they have to deal directly with the public they have more of an incentive to do the right thing than manufacturers do. The only dumb question is the one you don’t ask – so ask.

Available Options

As with any tools, there are a number of options you should consider when it’s time to buy. First of all, replacement chains.

Chainsaw chains can be sharpened of course, but eventually, even the best of them break or wear out so there comes a point when you’ll need to replace it. As much as it calls us to admit it, manufacturers have a tendency to “obsolete” equipment models as fast as they make them. A pole saw that’s brand new today might be obsolete in a few years. To avoid getting caught in that trap, go ahead and get an extra chain while you can.

After that, it gets a little easier. Chainsaws will always need oil. Get plenty of it.

They’ll also need a good carrying case to protect them when they’re in storage. Pole saws aren’t something that gets used a lot and throwing an old blanket around it isn’t the best idea. Carrying cases don’t cost much and they can extend the life of your tool.

Spare batteries are always a good idea for battery-operated equipment. Who cares if the saw is in perfect working order but the battery is dead and there aren’t any on the market for it anymore? As with the extra chains, and using the same logic, get a spare while you can.

Maintenance of Chain Saw

Electric chainsaws are easy to look after but still need some basic care.

  • All chain saws need oil to lubricate the chain. Keep topping up the oil chamber and keep an eye on the level indicator. Most models have a button that you need to press to squirt lubricant onto the blades.
  • Keeping the chain at the right tension is essential and requires familiarizing yourself with the adjustment features.
  • Make sure you have the blades facing forward each time you install a chain.
  • Check electrical cables regularly.
  • Keep grit out of moving parts.
  • Store in a dry place.


Depending on the height you want to reach with the electric pole saw, you should choose the size accordingly. There are some pole saws available which you can convert into a chainsaw easily and therefore, the versatility of the product increases. All the above best electric pole saws have all the essential features perfectly balanced. All of them have an automatic lubrication system to make the operation noiseless and smooth. You can check the oil level and refill when required with ease.

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