Light Up Shoes – Types and How To Choice The Best One

Light Up Shoes/We can’t deny that a majority of kids love shoes that light up. In fact, as a parent or guardian, you have probably have bought a pair or two for your son, daughter, grandchild, nephew, niece, or any other child. Also, you have probably had problems having the wearer take-home off since they seem to “be stuck on their feet” as they want to adorn them for as long as they can. The footwear is not only trendy but also adds some excitement to the whole shoe wearing experience. However, with different types readily available, it can be hard to pick a good product. You don’t want the lights going out too soon or the shoe ripping sooner-rather-than-later. You also desire a colorful and comfortable piece that will excite your child. In the following reviews, we will look at the best light up shoes for kids.

Best Light Up shoe List

Fantasy Uniform Kids Boys Girls High-Top Shoes LED Light Up Sneakers

Comprising of leather and fabric, this light-up shoes by Ufatansy can endure regular wear. The kids’ shoes come in size 6 and are suitable for different kids. They are comfortable to wear as well as remove thanks to their good flexibility. Moreover, they are lightweight and the wearer won’t be weighed down by weight. In addition to that, they have a smooth interior that feels nice to the foot.

The built-in light is very bright and can be seen from a distance. This gives the shoes their fancy nature and makes them an “eye-catcher” in many situations. To ensure they say firm on foot, they feature invisible buttons. In addition, since the lights are led, they use very little energy and the battery should last a long time.

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Reason To Buy This

  • Available in more than 15 colors
  • Made from high-quality fabric and leather
  • Fitted with TPR soles
  • Breathable mesh upper and shoe lining

Stride Rite Leepz Light-Up Sneaker (Toddler/Little Kid)

This pair of light-up shoes will be an excellent addition to the things to buy. And with the festive season just around the corner, your child will certainly be surprised and impressed. They are fit for little kids and toddlers and are comfortable to wear/ remove. They comprise leather and textile construction and are lightweight. This makes walking in them easy and boosts portability. Moreover, the nonslip rubber sole keeps the wearer on his/her feet to prevent falling and slipping.

The interior is smooth for added convenience and they promote proper ventilation to prevent stuffiness or too much sweating. In addition, if you are concerned about messing the floor, then these shoes are the perfect solution since they have a non-marking sole.

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Reason To Buy This

  • Nonmarking rubber outer sole
  • Elastic bungee lacing
  • Easy to fasten adjustable power strap

Carter’s Baby Shelby Boy’s And Girl’s Light Sneaker, Pink

If your child or targeted recipient loves colorful and unique shoes, then he/she will like this pair by Carter’s. It features bright colorful LED lights that emit different colors and are visible from a distance. The pairs can be worn by both girls and boys and are made of strong 100% synthetic materials to endure daily wear. Furthermore, they are lightweight and the child will not get too tired.

They feature a smooth interior that offers extra comfort and is odor-resistant. To ensure they don’t leave the foot, especially during intense activities, the shoes secure nicely on foot. In addition to going to a fancy event such as Halloween, costume party or a birthday party, these shoes are okay for regular wear.

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Reason To Buy This

  • Made from 100% synthetic material
  • Appealing light-up design
  • Rests on a synthetic sole

Skechers Kids Boys Hypo Flash Z Strap Light Up Sneaker

Kids of different ages love this pair of shoes for many reasons. One, they are very colorful thanks to their LED lights. This goes a long way in adding life to the occasion. In fact, many consumers state that they are visible in bright light as well as from a long distance. Two, they are versatile in nature and ideal for both boys and girls. Moreover, they come with modern styling and design that will appeal to any gender.

Thirdly, they can put-up with misuse such as kicking objects, exposure to the elements, stepping on because of their strong construction. And to make sure the surfaces aren’t messed or stained, the shoes feature a non-marking sole. Other positives include easy wearing, durable textile and synthetic material construction, easy maintenance, stylish, and kid-friendly.

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Reason To Buy This

  • Made from 100% synthetic and textile material
  • Flexible and lightweight
  • Fitted with a nonmarking outsole

Don’t LEAD Light Up Shoes Flashing Sneakers With Remote For Kids Boys Girls

One of the best light up shoes, they don’t LEAD Light Up shoes to come in flashing design to suit kids of different ages. The stylish piece is okay for girls and boys and ranks among the most colorful and vibrant footwear for kids in the market. One unique thing about them is that they feature remote control. This allows the user to control the functionality and lighting mode.

They feature energy-efficient LED lights that produce 16 different color changes. You also get four dynamic color changes, whereas the bright nature ensures the illumination is visible even in the day. The battery lasts a long time but also changes much faster than other types. And to improve the charging, their shoes come with instructions.

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Reason To Buy This

  • Adjustable Velcro settings
  • Upgraded LED lights
  • Collison proof design

Disney Toddler Boys’ Lightning McQueen Sneaker, Light-Up

Your daughter, son, grandchild or any other kid will love this pair of light up shoes. They are trendy and colorful and should appeal to a majority of the kids. What’s more, they feature kid-friendly puff-print design to match their individual preferences and also offer good support. They are also tolerant of bangs, impacts, regular use, and mishandling thanks to their strong construction.

They keep the feet cool even in hot days courtesy of the good ventilation. On top of that, they prevent odor and unnecessary sweating. This product can be worn by kids of varied ages, both girls and boys. The smooth surface is more tolerant of dirt and dust, whereas the cushioned interior boosts the wearer’s comfort. They are easy to clean and last a long time.

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Reason To Buy This

  • Lightweight at 1.3 lbs
  • Great car themes shoes
  • Batteries last a while

Paw Patrol Boys’ Toddlers Blue/Black/White Sneakers Light Up Shoe

Coming in Black/Blue/White colors, these pairs of sneakers by Patrol will lighten up the party or event. The kid’s shoes are okay for different users and target boys. They produce different colored lights and shine brightly even in areas with decent lighting. And to ensure they last a long time, the upper comprises of synthetic leather which can tolerate wear, tear, and poor holding.

The footwear maintains its integrity and appearance even after long exposure to the elements or rough handling by the child. The flat sole is made of rubber sole for good traction and stability. It also minimizes the possibility of slipping, skidding or falling. And ensure they stay firm on the feet, these shoes come with a secure strapping system. The cushioned footbed boosts support and comfort, whereas the non-marking rubber sole prevents staining the flooring.

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Reason To Buy This

  • Features synthetic leather upper
  • Premium cushioned footbed
  • Nonmarking rubber outer sole
  • Rounded toe design

Outee Toddler Boys Girls Printed Light Up Rain Boots

If you want something out of the ordinary, then you will appreciate these boots from Outee. The rain boots come in trendy prints to make sure your kid stand out from the crowd. On top of that, they light up to add excitement in various occasions. They are suitable for toddlers and kids of different ages and are easy to wear and take off. This is because of their flexible nature. Unlike normal shoes, they offer better warmth and comfort, especially in cold sassy.

The flat sole provides good stability and support, and since it is made of non-slip rubber, you will not worry about your child falling or slipping. They are lightweight and will not feel too heavy for the wearer. And courtesy of the purple color they will look okay on most kids.

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Reason To Buy This

  • Available in twenty colors
  • 100% waterproof and highly durable
  • Features easy on and off handles
  • Highly visible in wet weather conditions

Paw Patrol Nickelodeon Girls’ Toddler Lighted Runner

One of the best light up shoes, the Paw Patrol Nickelodeon. Wearing and taking off this lighted shoe is a breeze even for small kids. They are lightweight, flexible, and open fairly wide. The shoes come in size 3.5 regular and should fit many kids, including toddlers. They are built of synthetic materials and come with stretchy laces to keep them firm on foot. They also come with adhesive strap closure to further improve their hold on foot.

Taking them off is easy and your little girl should be able to it without your help. One of the most amazing things about the shops is their ultra-bright lighting, which will certainly make the wearer to be noticed easily. The glitter details improve their appearance, whereas the nonmarking rubber sole prevents skidding.

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Reason To Buy This

  • Padded footbed
  • Stretchy laces
  • Secure adhesive strap closure
  • Made from synthetic material

Skechers Kids Kid’s Hypno-Flash 2.0 Sneaker

If your kid likes fancy and colorful shoes, then this pair from Sketchers is worth considering. It has bright colored lights all around it to add fun to the event or simply improve his/her appearance. The shoes are okay for boys and girls of different ages and comprise of textile and synthetic materials. They are comfortable and lightweight and can be worn for an extended period. Moreover, they are cozy and warm and the inner sole offers good support and combats strain, shock, and the movement.

The smooth, cozy interior is also odor-resistant and easy to clean. Furthermore, in comparison to other types, the shoe’s lights last longer. Halloween, birthdays, costume parties, and everyday wear are some situations this pair of shoes will come in handy.

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Reason To Buy This

  • Available in six vibrant colors
  • Made from manmade leather and topped with logo accents
  • Plush padded collar and tongue
  • Several different sizes available

Skechers Kids Boys’ Hypno-Flash-Tremblers Light Up Loafer

The Skechers Hypno-Flash-Tremblers is perfect for young boys. They are flashy, elegant, and any kid will appreciate them. The light-up shoes are also robust thanks to the 100% textile and synthetic materials. This protects the wearer’s foot from injury and at the same time, keeps the feet warm. This is courtesy of the soft and warm lining. They go well with different outfits including pants, shorts, jeans, and dungarees. Moreover, they are lightweight and cases of your little one complaining of them weighing him down are unlikely.

One of the most notable aspects is their bright lights that are found all around. They will add some daze and shine to the event. To ensure the kid stays firm on his feet, they come with a rubber sole, which is also non-marking.

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Reason To Buy This

  • Available in a combination of two colors
  • Long-lasting ultra-bright lights
  • Nonmarking outsole
  • Flexible and lightweight

Skechers Kids Twinkle Toes Shuffles Sweet Steps Light-Up Sneaker

The best light up shoes in this list is from Skechers. Comprising of synthetic and leather, this pair of light up shoes can endure frequent use. It is ideal for kids of varying ages and is among the simplest to put on/ remove courtesy of good flexibility. They are lightweight and comfortable and the kid will not be bogged down by the weight. Moreover, they boast of a smooth interior for extra comfort while the breathable nature improves the ventilation.

The LED lights are bright but still energy efficient at the same time. They are visible from afar and are very fancy. To keep them well secured on foot, they come with a glittery hook and loop strap, whereas there sequin toe cap enhances their fanciness. The well made and nonslip synthetic sole prevents falling or slipping.

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Reason To Buy This

  • Can be ordered in ten colors
  • Contrasting toecap with sequins
  • Non-marking outsole
  • Made from 100 percent canvas material

Final Thoughts

With any of the above light up shoes, kids will definitely have a good time out there. As you have noticed, they all come in kid-friendly designs and colors just the way kids love me. They boast of energy-efficient lights that consume very little power. You, therefore, will worry less about replacing the battery too soon. In addition, the kicks are made tough to put up with the activities. Kids, as we know them, can be a little rough on the shoes. They will kick objects anyhow; toss the shoes in anger or frustrations, or even let bigger kids try then on despite their small size. Fortunately, the above pieces can handle the everyday’ beating’. With the best light up shoes, your kids will defiantly have something to smile about.

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