Which is better steel or aluminum floor jack?

Which is better steel or aluminum floor jack?/a floor jack a horizontal piston pushes on the short end of a bellcrank, with the long arm providing the vertical motion to a lifting pad, kept horizontal with a horizontal linkage? Floor jacks usually include castors and wheels, allowing compensation for the arc taken by the lifting pad. This mechanism provides a low profile when collapsed, for easy maneuvering underneath the vehicle, while allowing the considerable extension.

It often pains me to see people not buying the best aluminum floor jacks. In my line of work, I have seen lots of accidents involving floor jacks. And in most of the cases, it could have been avoided if the user went for a top-rated product. Some jacks have crumbled under the weight due to poor materials, others broke and led to a person working underneath it getting injured, while in some cases, and the rusty unit caused an infection after coming in contact with an open wound. In my many years as a mechanic, I’ve always ensured I choose the best types. I have a soft spot for aluminum jacks because they don’t rust or corrode, are lightweight but strong at the same time, and are strong enough to support most weights. In my view, the following accessories are the best in the market.

Top Best Aluminum Floor Jacks Lists 

Top 10 Best Aluminum Floor Jacks for Your Car
  • Performance Tool W1627 Low Profile Jack, 3.5 Ton
  • Blackhawk B6350 3.5-Ton Fast Lift Service Jack Black/Red.
  • Arcan ALJ3T Aluminum Floor Jack – 3 Ton Capacity.
  • Arcan XL2T Black Low Profile Steel Service Jack – 2 Ton Capacity.
  • Milestone Tools Powerzone 380044 Aluminum & Steel Jack, 3 Ton
  • PowerZone Floor Jack 380044 – Top Pick.
  • The PowerZone 380044 is the best aluminum floor jack on the market.
  • Arcan XL2T – Best Low Profile Floor Jack.
  • Hein-Werner HW93642 Floor-Jack.
  • Torin T83006 SUV Service Floor Jack.
  • Liftmaster Hydraulic Trolley Floor Jack.

Nesco Tools 2203 Low Profile Aluminum Floor Jack, 3 Ton Capacity

The first item on my list is this floor jack from Nesco. I have seen it in operation, and it’s one of the simplest in design and is easy to operate. A person who’s never used a floor jack before will be able to operate it. It’s manufactured from premium aluminum alloy and is relatively light compared to other alternatives. It features a good working range for supporting different objects as well as to suit different environments.

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Reasons To Buy This

  • Long frame for a better reach
  • Super light aluminum alloy construction for easy handling
  • Working range of 3-1/2 to 19-1/4 inch for all-around performance
  • Takes 9 pumps to attain full height

JEGS Performance Products Low-Profile Aluminum Floor Jack, 6000 Lbs

This best aluminum floor jack will make life in the workshop, garage, factory, warehouse or any other place much easier. Thanks to its simple design, lifting objects with it is a breeze. I love how easy it looks and the practical design it comes in. Similar to other aluminum or aluminum alloy floor jacks, it is resistant to corrosion and rust and also cleans reasonably easily. You, therefore, won’t have cases of a rusty piece or having to repaint it all the time to keep it in top shape.

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Reasons To Buy This

  • Aluminum construction for stability and straight
  • Lightweight and compact for improved handling and performance
  • 360-degree rotating Saddle for easy and quick reach
  • Saddle height 3-1/2 -19-1/4 inches to suit different ground clearance
  • Solid construction to support up to 6000 pounds

Neiko Pro 20272B Low Profile Premium Aluminum Floor Jack, 3 Ton Capacity

Anyone intending to own one of the best aluminum floor jacks in the market should focus on this one from Neiko. It’s much smaller and lighter than other types in a similar class; however, the performance it delivers is fantastic. I recall helping my neighbor lift his hatchback, and it only took a little effort and less than a minute to have the front raised elevated. I loved the ergonomic and smooth handles that provided an excellent grip as well as the steady wheels that kept it well-grounded. It never moved or wobbled during the entire process.

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Reasons To Buy This

  • Dual pump designed for faster operation
  • Durable industrial-grade aluminum alloy for reliability and durability
  • Ultra-lightweight of 57 pounds for easy handling
  • 3-ton lifting capacity to suit a wide array of needs
  • Safety valve for preventing overloading
  • Rubber dotted saddle pad for protecting the car’s chassis or frame

Arcan ALJ2T Aluminum Floor Jack, 2 Ton

Lifting weights up to 2 tons is simple and easy with this aluminum-made floor jack. It comes in a low-profile design for easy fitting underneath the vehicle. Using the lift is easy and effortless thanks to the practical design and two-stage lifting. Only a few pumping sessions is required to raise the vehicle. It comes with sturdy wheels and base for preventing accidental movement. Carrying the floor jack is also convenient thanks to the lightweight.

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Reasons To Buy This

  • 2-ton capacity to suit most everyday needs
  • Weight of 50.4 pounds for easy transportation
  • Low height of 3-1/2 inch for easy access under low profile vehicles
  • Two-stage lifting for simplicity and quick lifting
  • Maximum lift height of 19-1/4 inches for improved functionality

JEGS Performance Products 80006 Low-Profile Professional Aluminum Floor Jack

By looking and feeling the JEGS 80006 floor jack, you can easily think that it’s meant for light-duty work. This is because of its lightweight and simple looking design. However, you’ll be surprised at how effective it is when lifting weights. It’s also one of the fastest and versatile aluminum floor jacks in the market. A few simple pumps are all it takes to raise the car and to lower it is as easy as pressing a lever. I love the simple and smooth design that makes it hard for oils, greases, and dirt to hide. It also makes cleaning and maintenance simple.

[amazon box=”B007VREENY”]

Reasons To Buy This

  • Sturdy construction for professional performance
  • Low Profile design to fit in low clearance
  • Lifting capacity of 4,000 lbs to cater for everyday application
  • 49 lb weight for better handling and portability

Performance Tool W1627 Low Profile Jack, 3.5 Ton

Many individuals and garages seem to own this floor jack, and I got a bit curious to know why. After talking to a few people and also trying it out, I discovered that it was straightforward to operate. Lifting a heavyweight was effortless. The wheels felt pretty sturdy and didn’t even move when pumping. However, it moves very smoothly on different surfaces thanks to the fairly large wheels. According to owners of the jack, it was among the lightest and compact types, never require frequent service and maintain its appeal for a long time.

[amazon box=”B008PAZ7VY”]

Reasons To Buy This

  • Low-Profile to easily slip under low-clearance vehicles
  • Load lifting capacity of 7,000 Lbs
  • Lift Range of between 4 and 20-1/2 inches
  • Swivel Casters for easy movement and convenience
  • Sturdy Flanged Steel Frame for durability and stability
  • Rubber Saddle Pad for protecting the vehicle

Blackhawk B6350 3.5-Ton Fast Lift Service Jack Black/Red

Most people are searching for top-rated aluminum floor jacks usually settle for this one from Blackhawk. Most are first attracted by its elegant red/ black color which gives it a professional look. Others go for it due to the high load capacity. There are those that buy it because it’s made from aluminum and is certain it won’t rust, corrode, or lose its appeal even after extended use. They never get disappointed since the tool actually delivers on its promises.

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Reasons To Buy This

  • Bypass devise for preventing over pumping
  • Built-in internal valve for extra safety
  • Swivel saddle for easy positioning
  • Rear caster for improved support
  • Rolled side frames for extra rigidity and strength

Arcan ALJ3T Aluminum Floor Jack – 3 Ton Capacity

When talking about the best aluminum floor jacks, the Arcan brand comes to mind. The ALJ3T is one of the best selling units and is a top choice for individuals, car repair shops, and businesses. It’s loved for its sturdy construction that guarantees a long life, the excellent load capacity to suit most vehicles, and the good safety features. Other than the strong aluminum, it also comes with lots of reinforcement for added rigidity and to prevent accidents.

[amazon box=”B0047D2FWM”]

Reasons To Buy This

  • Heavy-duty construction to support up to 3 tons
  • The lightweight of 56 pounds for easy movement
  • Reinforced lift arm for long life and extra rigidity
  • Dual pump pistons for quick lifting
  • Piston dust shields for preventing hydraulic contamination

Arcan XL2T Black Low Profile Steel Service Jack – 2 Ton Capacity

The number of times I’ve used this best aluminum floor carjack can’t be counted. However, it still feels the same just as it was when it was new. It works seamlessly and will lift most vehicles with minimal ease. The handle is very solid but also quite comfortable. It rises fairly fast and will reach its maximum height in a matter of seconds. And since it’s a low-profile unit, fitting under cars with a low profile isn’t an issue.

[amazon box=”B007G83T16″]

Reasons To Buy This

  • Extra Low Profile for quick and easy access
  • Height range of 2.75 – 24 inches to cater for most vehicles
  • Extra-long chassis of 32-inch for better mounting and support
  • Dual pump for quick and easy lifting

Milestone Tools Powerzone 380044 Aluminum & Steel Jack, 3 Ton

This is probably the best aluminum floor jacks. I bought this floor jack to handle the heavier weights. And I couldn’t have made a better choice. It’s the sturdiest floor jacks I have ever used, and it performs like a champion. The lifting range is pretty awesome and offers a clear view of the vehicle’s bottom section. The handle is very slight but quite solid and also very comfortable. And thanks to the quick lifting mechanism, I spend less time on lifting and more dealing with the problem.

[amazon box=”B003UM7B98″]

Reasons To Buy This

  • 6000 pound/3 Ton capacity for big loads
  • 4 to 18-1/4 inch lifting range for better service
  • Tough steel lift arm for durability and sturdiness
  • Quick lifting hydraulic system for time efficacy
  • The safety valve for preventing overloading
  • Rubber padded saddle for protecting the car’s chassis and frame

How to Buy an Aluminum Floor Jack

  • Types of vehicle – The type of vehicle that you will be using your aluminum floor jack on is important. This is because the aluminum floor jack will not work, or at least is not recommended to be used on just about any type of vehicle. For best performance, the aluminum floor jack should be used on a vehicle of the appropriate weight. Additionally, since it is a fairly low profile floor jack, it is best to be used on low-profile vehicles like sports cars rather than SUVs, RVs or campers that are usually taller vehicles.
  • Weight capacity – Essentially, the weight capacity will tell you the maximum weight that the aluminum floor jack can handle before it is either becomes a security hazard or refuse to work. For most models, 3 tons is the average weight capacity of the aluminum floor jack. 3 tons is still plenty as most vehicles are below 2 tons in weight.
  • Construction – The build construction or rather, the quality of the construction is another important aspect. What the construction quality will tell you is how long the aluminum floor jack will last you and if it can be used for heavy-duty lifting applications or not. A cheaply made aluminum floor jack will underperform under heavy load in a busy workshop. However, for casual use in your personal garage, it can be plenty.
  • Handle – The handle is the part that you hold and will engage the hydraulic pump mechanism of the aluminum floor jack. While you can use a simple metal rod for this, we recommend that you go with a model that comes with a handle coated with foam. This will ensure that you do not scratch your vehicle paint while lifting the vehicle.
  • Ease of use – One of the most significant aspects of the aluminum floor jack is definitely its ease-of-use. This is because of its rapid pump feature that uses a hydraulic system that makes it easy to lift a vehicle in a matter of seconds using minimal effort. Ensure that your aluminum floor jack comes with a handle for the rapid pump and that it has a locking mechanism that will allow you to quickly and easily lock the floor jack in position.
  • Safety – Safety is perhaps the first thing that you need to consider in the aluminum floor jack. Most models come equipped with a security feature that will prevent you from overloading the floor jack. For example, you cannot use a 3-ton floor jack on a vehicle that weighs 5-ton, for example. Additionally, for best safety, ensure that your aluminum floor jack is ASME certified as this is a strict standard that will show you how safe your floor jack is.

How Secure Best Aluminum Floor Jacks?

JEGS would not disgruntle you when it comes to the safety of your vehicle. Like other floor jacks, it has safety equipment designated to it to work for the right cause!

  • The jack is assimilated with combined features of reinforced lift arm, saddle pad and sturdy slide plates, each of which is responsible for a particular safety measure.
  • The handle of the jack is special in the sense that it comes with a knurled coating, maintaining the contact between your vehicle and the jack firmly, and also preventing it from any unwanted scratches.
  • Here is something that might lead you to the final thought of going with this jack or not! And that is its HANDLE. The handle is capable of providing a rotation of 360°, lessening your effort to get to the point you have been looking for. Just adjust the saddle in an appropriate way to get it contacted with the jack point of the vehicle and there you go attaining perfect maneuvering by putting the least amount of effort.
  • One of the prominent features of this jack is its hydraulics system which is shut in a sense that it acts as an impermissible barrier to all the dust particles, clearing it from all the impurities. This fence is pivotal for the smooth working of your jack.


There you go- my final list of the top 10 best aluminum floor jacks in 2019. It was a bit challenging to come up with this review because of some reason. Firstly, modern jacks have improved and come in all manner of shapes and sizes. Secondly, the units share so many similarities. Thirdly, it’s hard to find a product that has the edge over the rest of everything. It may be better in a few areas but loses out on others.

The comparison centered on crucial things which included sturdiness, practicality, reliability, effectiveness, duality, corrosion & rust resistance, as well as user-friendliness. With any of these items, you can be confident that you will own one of the best aluminum floor jacks in the market.

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