Best Yoga Ball Chairs

Best Yoga Ball Chairs is also known as the globe chair and is famous for its unconventional shape. It is considered a classic of industrial design. More recent versions have increased the overall size and added interesting features including music and MP3 player integration. Did you know that the ordinary chair could bring harm to you in the long run? Are you aware that most back problems are caused by bad sitting postures or positions? Also, do you know that the best yoga ball chairs can help in relieving back-related issues?

In my line of work, I deal with many individuals who seek solutions to back and joint problems. Some will have experienced the discomfort for a long time, while others may have just started to experience it. Upon research, I usually discover that the main reason for their woes is poor sitting posture. And as a solution, I always encourage them to start using yoga ball chairs, and not just any chair, but the very best.

This accessory is designed to offer better support and comfort to the whole body. It comes in a simple design and is very easy to use. In fact, first-time users have no problem learning how to sit on it correctly. Unfortunately, I’ve discovered that some types are no good. As a matter of fact, they won’t have any meaningful benefit other than denting your pocket. Like other people, you may be wondering which item you should go for. Well, to find the right answer, simply go through this top 7 best yoga chairs in 2019 review.

List Of Top Best Yoga Ball Chairs In 2020

Sivan Health And Fitness Balance Fit Chair With Ball And Pump

#7 Sivan Health and Fitness Balance Fit Chair with ball and pump


I always recommend this balance fit chair for some reasons. One, I love the fact that it can be used indoors and outdoors. It also comes in a very lightweight that makes carrying easy. Two, It can be used at home, office, outdoors, and in other places.

Actually, you can be moving around with it. Three, many people who have used it say it brings relief sooner-rather-than-later. Finally, it is effective in dealing with spine disorders, physical rehabilitation, correcting posture, improving circulation, and also reduce stiffness.

Reasons To Buy This
  • Includes a pump and ball for maximum satisfaction
  • Rolling base with 4 wheels for easy movement
  • 2 lockable wheels for stability and safety
  • Simple design to make it more user-friendly

Gaiam Adjustable Custom-Fit Balance Ball Chair, Stability Ball Desk Chair

#6 Gaiam Adjustable Custom-Fit Balance Ball Chair, Stability Ball Desk Chair


Another chair that I always advocate for is this blue custom-fit ball chair by Gaiam. In fact, you will always find it on.

Best yoga ball chairs reviews. It can be swapped with your office chair and will still look presentable thanks to its professional look. Inflating it is very easy with the included pump and doesn’t require lots of effort. And the good thing is it never loses pressure until you choose to release it. I love the easy-to-adjust legs that allow a user to select the best sitting position as per the need at hand or personal desire. According to the manufacturer, this item is perfect for people whose height is between 5 and 5ft 11 inches. The maximum recommended weight is 300 pounds.

Reasons To Buy This
  • Custom-fit for swapping with normal chairs
  • Adjustable legs for selecting the best sitting position
  • 55cm exercise ball for maximum comfort and stretching
  • 5 easy-glide lockable wheels for stability
  • Latex-free for safety and minimal side effects

CanDo Metal Ball Chair, 22 With Arms

#5 CanDo Metal Ball Chair, 22 with Arms


The first that drew me to this chair was the arms. They provide better support and give you a point to relax on when you are tired. This eases the strain that is usually placed on the lower back. The black color makes this chair perfect even for the office and won’t look out of place.

After using this item for a good time, my patients talk of their posture improving, relieving back-related aches, and feeling more relaxed even after long sitting. Other than that, if used properly, the CanDo ball chair should enhance your core, burn excess calories, and general wellness.

Reasons To Buy This
  • Metal construction for strength and longtime
  • 22-inch inflatable ball for working out
  • Ergonomically-designed for maximum comfort
  • Locking casters for safety and stability

Isokinetics Inc. Balance Exercise Ball Chair

#4 Isokinetics Inc. Balance Exercise Ball Chair


It’s not a surprise that this black balance ball chair by Isokinetics is in this best yoga ball chairs review. In fact, it was slightly wider and accommodated heavier users; it would have ranked higher. Also, it comes in a standard height to accommodate people of average height and is suitable for the office, home, and the outdoors as well. It features larger wheels that move smoothly even on rough terrains. Another thing that makes the Isokinetics a top choice is a good support, quiet operation, and nice height.

Reasons To Buy This
  • Large wheels for smooth movement
  • 4 wheels for easy movement
  • 2 lockable wheels for safety and steadiness
  • The reinforced metal bar for retaining the ball

Isokinetics Inc. Brand Adjustable Fitness Ball Chair – Metal Frame

#3 Isokinetics Inc. Brand Adjustable Fitness Ball Chair - Metal Frame


I came across this Silver Flake Frame chair while visiting a colleague. I knew it was designed for maximum comfort and satisfaction the moment I sat on. It felt pretty solid and comfortable at the same time. It was very lightweight, and moving was not an issue especially considering it came with large wheels. As you know, larger wheels move more smoothly and are less prone to bumps or rough surfaces.

You can adjust the height in two positions to match your height or desk. I also like the decently sized black ball that comes in handy in exercising when seated or in another place. Other reasons why its one of the best yoga ball chairs are easy to use, good quality, and ergonomically-designed.

Reasons To Buy This
  • Large 60mm / 2.5-inch wheels for quiet and smooth movement
  • 2 frame finishes: Solid Black/ Silver Flakes on Black to suit different preferences
  • The 5-wheeled base for easy movement
  • 4 back positions and 4 leg height positions to accommodate different users
  • 55cm non-latex exercise ball for added safety

Ball Chair, LuxFit Premium Fitness Exercise Ball Chairs

#2 Ball Chair, LuxFit Premium Fitness Exercise Ball Chairs


Occupying the 2nd slot on the top 7 best yoga ball chairs in 2019 review is this black fitness exercise chair by LuxFit. I use it in my office, and it has served me well ever since I bought it. It feels very well made and can put-up with my heavyweight. I also don’t struggle moving it as it is lightweight and comes with large wheels.

When I bought it, I was having issues with my lower back. I had tried different chairs, but none gave me relief until I found the Luxfit chair. The days of getting tired too fast strained back or numbness are long gone. Due to its simple design, cleaning this chair is also easy.

Reasons To Buy This
  • Designed by health experts for the best healing and soothing
  • Sturdy construction and materials to accommodate up to 300 pounds
  • Large wheels for easy and silent moving
  • Thick blackball for better workout and durability

Gaiam Balance Ball Chair – Classic Yoga Ball Chair

#1 Gaiam Balance Ball Chair - Classic Yoga Ball Chair


Holding the pole position on the top 7 best yoga ball chairs reviews, 2019 is this stylish black balance ball chair by Gaiam. I’ve tested this chair several times as I am planning to replace my aging LuxFit Premium ball chair. There are many areas that outscore all the above alternatives. One, it looks good in an office as well as a home setting. Two, the construction is stable and will not have issues accommodating heavy users.

Three, you will experience almost instant relief when sitting on the chair. Your body experiences a soothing effect on the tight or strained tissues, and muscles relax Four, I love how easily it moves on different surfaces without producing unnecessary noise.

Reasons To Buy This
  • Yoga ball and guide for exercising
  • Designed to relieve back pain, align the spine; reduce stiffness, building a stronger core, and boost energy levels.
  • The easy-to-adjust metal bar for good support
  • 4 easy-glide casters for seamless and silent movement
  • 2 lockable back wheels for stability

A Complete Guide – On Choosing Yoga Ball Chairs

Check out the following points while you go through yoga ball chairs.


The comfort is an important consideration when you decide to have a yoga ball chair. Look for the one that lets you sit comfortably on it for extended hours. Select the one that comes with backrests and check the materials carefully so that you can have optimum comfort. It must let you have any discomfort and prevent muscle injury or pain. If it comes with armrests, then you can have even better comfort.


With better performance, you can make the most from the yoga ball chair. See if it can stimulate creativity by allowing you to have free movement. For better versatility, see if it let you use it from anywhere you want. This will give multiple advantages, and you can even improve your productivity while working from your office.


The structure is according to the construction. Look for the one that comes in durable construction and lets you use it for a long time. Some can break easily after a few uses and requires replacement. Go for the one that has a solid buildup and is made of high-quality materials. Steel and ABS plastic can be an ideal consideration and is very durable. It also has low maintenance and is suitable for both adults and kids. If you want safe material, then go for the one that is made of rubber as it does not include latex.


For optimal comfort, you need to select the one that has a better height. A yoga ball chair that comes with adjustable height can accommodate people of different sizes. If it has a longer or shorter height, then it will not deliver the same comfort to you.

Weight Capacity

Even though if it has all the important features, you must see if it has a good load capacity. This depends upon the construction, and you need to get the one according to your requirements. Some of it has a weight capacity of up to 200 pounds. However, some may go up to 500 pounds. You need to go for a yoga chair that has full capacity.


If you want your yoga ball chair to deliver better results, then select the one that offers optimal support. This will let you have comfort and make sure you sit for extended hours. It must give full support to your back and spine and allow you to sit in an upright position. Go for the one that can support your whole body. In addition to this, you need to see if it lets you enjoy it when you sit on your yoga ball chair.


Look for the one that comes in a unique design so that you can use it exercise. For improved performance, you need to check the ad-on. Rolling caster wheels will let you take it anywhere you want and have hassle-free portability. You can even see if it includes an adjustable backrest for better support. There are many other features, which will let you have added comfort and convenience. However, you need to make your budget carefully and then go your pick.

The Clear Benefits Of Using A Yoga Ball Chair​

The yoga ball, in general, provides a major function for your overall health, it engages every muscle in a low-impact workout without you feeling like you are working hard. I found in my research a yoga ball chair is great for developing:​

  • Balance
  • Spinal Health
  • Core Strength
  • Back Strength
  • Improved Posture
  • Opportunity to change positions often
  • Physical change in body appearance
  • Burn Calories
  • Feel more energized
  • Increased Circulation
  • Ability to create a workout regiment to be done at your desk

Sitting on a yoga ball chair requires every muscle to be engaged to provide you with the balance and support you need to stay on the ball safely and securely.

It forces you to sit up straight thus improving your posture, back muscles, and elongating your spinal cord to promote overall spinal health.

Sitting on a yoga ball chair promotes constant movement. This need to shift is a great opportunity to add stretches into a daily workout, engage your muscles in a mini workout routine on the chair to give yourself a daily low pack workout you can enjoy without all the sweating and heavy breathing.

Surprisingly, the more you use the chair the more you will begin to feel energized. Your blood circulation will increase and you will find that you are not feeling nearly as tired as you normally do in your traditional desk chair.

FAQ About  Balance Ball Chair

1. Question: How does it work?

Kids Balance Ball ChairAnswer: A picture tells a thousand words and as you can see from the pictures on this page you are quite literally sitting on a ball.

What this does, is it requires you to engage muscles throughout your abdomen, back and sides that would otherwise be at rest.

The leg muscles are also engaged in order for you to maintain balance. Calories are also being burned during this period, helping you lose weight. For best price click here below

2. Question: Can it help with lower back pain?

Answer: Lower back pain is caused by weakened back muscles attributed to long periods of time in the sitting position.

When using the stability ball chair you are engaging these muscles, strengthening them and building more support for your lower back.

Another reason for lower back pain is weakened stomach muscles or abs as we all call them now. A great six pack does look awesome, and especially for women, doesn’t take too long for them to show.

3. Question: I’m sitting, how can I lose weight?

Answer: Here is a common misconception that you need to be burning up a big sweat to lose weight. Weight loss is a simple equation of energy in, versus energy out.

Now it does help to work out hard, however engaging a large group of muscles at one time requires a sustained effort.

When you’re on the exercise ball chair your mind is distracted by your work and any discomfort you may have initially, soon subsides as your mind shifts into your daily routine.

This larger group of muscles like Abs, lower back, sides, and legs being worked as one.

Add in the factor, that you’re possibly sitting for 4-6hrs of the day. You can soon do the sums and see how easy weight loss is achieved whilst sitting in the exercise ball chair.

After a few weeks of using my fitness chair, I’ve seen an incredible difference. Just in a short few-week, I’ve seen the following

  • My Energy Level Has Increased(Constantly Keeping Balance)
  • I’m Starting to Firm and Tone my Entire Body
  • My Yoga, Gym Sessions, and Exercise Routines Have Improved
  • I Am Much More Productive.

4. Question: Why use best balance ball chair?

Answer: There are many reasons you should think about using exercise ball chairs both at home and in your workplace and these include…

Do you suffer from poor posture?
Do you have back pain?
Do you want to strengthen your core?

If you have answered yes to any of the above then read below to see how exercise ball chairs can help you.

5. Question: How This Best Ball Chair Works?

Answer: We have specifically set up to provide you with information on exercise ball chairs and on how these can help you as an individual.

If you are looking for information, we have researched the products that claim to make you stand tall, lose weight and regain proper posture.

We bring you the top 10 products based on value, quality, user ratings this will ensure any of the balance ball chairs you pick will be most suited to you.

Balance Ball Chair Reviews 2020The idea behind the balance ball chair is that whilst sitting on them your body is constantly making minor adjustments and therefore you are working your postural muscles, which include abdominals, glutes and leg muscles.

Often people will refer to this as “active sitting”. If you are guilty of slumping in your seat or have poor posture, then the exercise ball chairs may just be the remedy you need.

Many people and larger companies are now turning to the ergonomic ball chair for employees. Office workers who, spend long periods of time sitting at a desk are prone to having a poor posture and the exercise ball chair has been proven to cure long-term back problems as a result of poor posture.

However, it is important to note if you do have any pre-existing conditions, prior to using an exercise ball chair we do recommend speaking to a medical practitioner just to make sure it will benefit you as an individual and not cause you any further pain or discomfort.

The yoga ball chair size needs to be considered when you purchase your new ball chair as your thighs should be sloping downwards slightly and the height should not be so that you end up balancing on your wrists at the desk.

If you do decide to buy an exercise ball chair, you will need to build up using it gradually. Try starting with short periods of half an hour and build the time spent sitting in the ball chair each day.

Final Thoughts

Your back-related problems may be caused by a bad chair which directly affects your sitting position. For instance, if it’s too low, you tend to stretch and strain your back. If it’s too high, you will likely arch your back for a more comfortable position. While this may seem harmless, it actually can cause lots of harm. You will feel tired and fatigued too soon, your walking or sleeping position may change over time, and you may also injure some tissues or muscles.

The good news, however, is that you can correct the problems. All you need are the best yoga ball chairs. They are designed to support the body and allow you to sit in a more natural position. The firmness or density of the chair can easily be adjusted to suit the need at hand. For instance, you need a firmer chair when working while a softer texture is better for relaxation. Finding a good chair the first time isn’t always comfortable especially with so many offers in the market.


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