Best Micro Scooters For Kids

Best Micro Scooters For Kids/Seems like yesterday when I had to live with daily arguments about searching for the best micro scooter for my twins. Like any mother, I was a bit scared about them riding these devices. I mean, won’t they get too many bruises or get hurt in case they fell. I seemed to forget that I had dropped a lot as a child when learning to skateboard or ride my small bike. After a lot of soul-searching and convincing from my husband, I finally gave in.

However, before I gifted them this accessory, I had to be sure that the scooter (in my case, scooters) to be bought were the best. Who wants to see their little “bundles of joy’ crying after falling, or seeing bloodstains on their clothing, or nursing their wounds and injuries?

Best Micro Scooters For Kids

High Bounce Y Slicker Scooter

Not that I have ever bought this pink scooter, but I have had a lot about it from my sister and neighbor. They talk about its sleek and colorful design that brings out fun and lively appeal. The Y Slicker scooter also comes in a simple and easy-to-fold design while the smooth-riding wheels together with the sturdy handle make cruising the streets, park, and other places seem easy even for first-time users. And considering it weighs less than 15 pounds, your child won’t have a problem pushing it.

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Reasons To Buy This

  • Pink color for added beauty
  • Easy Twist & Stow folding mechanism for quick storage
  • Reinforced steel frame for stability and sturdiness
  • Quick response hand brake for improved safety and control
  • Industrial-designed casters for durability

Maxi Kick Scooter – Purple With T-BAR Steering

This scooter seemed to be the perfect replacement for my aging sons. So, during their birthday, I gifted one of them with this purple unit. It was very stable and maintained balance even at fast speeds, and the T-Bar steering provided good control. Despite the good weight capacity, this scooter was relatively easy to carry around. In fact, it seemed much lighter than the earlier one, or maybe my son was becoming stronger much faster.

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Reasons To Buy This

  • 3-wheel construction for better support
  • Unique lean-and-steer design for improved control
  • Italian-made PU wheels for a smooth ride
  • Lightweight for easy carrying and storage

Globber 3 Wheel Adjustable Height Scooter With LED Light Up Wheels

I bought this light blue /chrome scooter for my niece about a year ago. What attracted me to the scooter was the solid design and the LED lights on the wheels. I also loved the height adjustments that I was certain would see my niece use it from her current age of 2 1 / 2 years until she reached the maximum recommended age of 5/6. From what I’ve heard, it rides pretty smoothly even on rough surfaces and doesn’t have the annoying bounce.

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Reasons To Buy This

  • LED lights on a wheel for a fancy appeal
  • High-rebound PU wheels for reduced vibration
  • ABEC-5 bearings for a smoother ride
  • Patented secure lock button for improved control and safety
  • Adjustable handlebars (26- 31 inches) to suit growing kids
  • Reinforced steel deck for good stability and support

Globber Primo 3 Wheel Adjustable Height Scooter

I remember my neighbor’s child, not letting go of this scooter at the departmental store. She just saw it, and her eyes widened in admiration. Well, the child did make a wise choice. Having used it for close to a year, the bright pink/gray scooter still rides like a champion. It also does a good job of supporting her elder brother who easily increases the height to suit his preference.

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Reasons To Buy This

  • Easy-adjust handlebars to suit different heights and ages
  • 3 wheel design for optimum support and stability
  • Knobby PU wheels for good shock absorption and reduced vibration
  • ABEC-5 bearings for smooth riding and longevity

Micro Maxi Deluxe Kick Scooter

Having heard so much about the Micro Kickboard brand, I knew buying this scooter wasn’t such a bad idea. The only concern was the so many designs and colors they had. After a little consulting with Jane, my friend, who was purchasing it for her 5-year old son, we settled led for the Caribbean Blue. This was 1 year ago, and to date, it still runs silent and smooth. Riding it on smooth and fairly rough surfaces is also effortless.

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Reasons To Buy This

  • Anodized T-bars for strength and stability
  • Lean-to-steer design for better control and relaxation
  • High-quality polyurethane wheels for a smoother and quieter ride
  • Flexible fiberglass-reinforced deck for enhanced support and stability

Globber 3 Wheel Kick Scooter With Patented Steering Lock

When I saw a kid cruising with this red/black 3-wheeled scooter, I couldn’t help but notice its trendy looks. So, naturally, I got a bit inquisitive about it. Was it as good as it looked and rode? Or I was giving it too many props? Well, 30 minutes later, the mom to the kid riding it at the park told me a lot about it.

She loved its stability, easy handling, and quietness. Since buying it, she had never experienced any trouble. The Globber 3-wheel is undoubtedly one of the best micro scooters for kids?

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Reasons To Buy This

  • Patented Direction Button Lock for improved stability and safety
  • Adjustable handlebar height for improved comfort and handling
  • Low profile design for extra stability
  • Reinforced deck for improved support
  • ABEC-5 bearing and PU wheels for a smoother and quieter ride

 Micro Mini Deluxe Kick Scooter

This is the scooter that has been replaced by the bigger Maxi Kick scooter that comes with a T-bar steering. If not for its small size, my son would still be riding it. In fact, I had to store it away to stop him from squeezing his growing body on it.

Furthermore, the blue scooter comes with a handy and practical T-bar steering control and is one of the smoothest and silent I’ve ever come across. I also like the colorful and vibrant deck that brings out the fun effect.

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Reasons To Buy This

  • Adjustable T-bar to accommodate growing kids
  • Anodized T-bars for good maneuverability and handling
  • Micro design for small children aged from 2 to 5 years

Vokul 1281F LED Light 3 Wheel Mini Kick Scooter

Although I’ve bought my growing son a newer and larger scooter, he is still adamant about letting go of this orange scooter. He talks about how he feels like he is flying when riding it. I also agree that this is one of the easiest scooters to maintain. It has never broken down, comes in a simple design, and feels pretty solid. It’s also very colorful and trendy. Anyone with a kid between 22 and 5 years should consider this 3-wheel scooter by Vokul.

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Reasons To Buy This

  • Adjustable T-bar for supporting different ages and heights
  • The lean-to-steer mechanism for improved control and safety
  • High-quality Polyurethane wheels for good shock absorption
  • ABEC 5 bearings for a smooth and silent ride

Micro Maxi Kick Scooter With T-Bar

Anyone who has owned this mini scooter by Micro will agree with me that its one of the best from not only the brand but also the market. It feels very solid and stable despite its light weight. It also rides pretty smoothly and effortlessly in different terrains. I also noticed that it doesn’t bounce a lot and maintains an affirm grip even while cornering.

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Reasons To Buy This

  • Swiss-design and engineering that is known for reliability, efficiency, and durability
  • Every part is replaceable for longevity
  • High-quality PU wheels for firm grip and control
  • Sturdy frame for maximum support and balance

Micro Mini Original Kick Scooter

My third-born daughter got this scooter about 6 months ago. Before buying this green type, I was torn between the 2nd placed Mini Micro scooter and this one. Firstly, they all seem very similar in many ways. They are well built, very solid, easy to ride, and ride very smoothly.

They also are designed for 2-5-year-olds. I finally settled on this one since she picked it for herself. And 6 months down the lane, my daughter and I are proud that we made the right decision.

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Reasons To Buy This

  • Lean-to-steer design for better control
  • Non-marking wheels for preventing staining and discoloration of surfaces
  • Smooth-riding wheels for the best experience
  • 5.5-pound weight for easy riding, transportation, and storage

Benefits Of Micro Scooters For Kids

Micro scooter is basically a small two-wheeled foldable aluminum scooter that can be ride by kids and adults. The micro scooters for kids are designed uniquely such that kids find great simplicity to learn how to scoot. This is because these types of scooters are simple and there is the implementation of intuitive lean to steer idea behind the scooter. Instead of turning the handlebars to align in a specific direction, kids can shift their body weight to turn the scooter. This mechanism not just makes the scooter simple to use but is also enhances the child’s balance, fine motor skills, and coordination.

Designed with a lightweight frame, these scooters are suitable for kids to lift up easily. This means that kids can easily manage the entire scooter without feeling bulky. It is quite convenient to ride, simple to clean, and simple to store these types of scooters. Generally, it is observed that kids will not feel fatigued even after riding micro scooters for several hours. Also, they present personalization up to some extent.

Balance and Direction

The micro scooters are initially driven by a kick but guided using the balance. They assist in enhancing the coordination with use at any age level. This is particularly applicable when kids are young and acquiring the skills to balance by the use of their weight. Till now, there are no issues found with balance and direction in such scooters.

Development of Motor Skills

The development of gross and fine motor skills allows children to become more independent. It also allows them to explore their creativity and learning while riding micro-scooters. It has been found that there is an exceptional significance of motor skills in order to facilitate the all-round development of children right from an early age. There is the importance of both gross and fine motor skills and both of them will get developed while riding these scooters. There will be no issues while riding on a bumpy road and also the incidences of collisions will be less. Generally, they come in a pre-assembled form to let kids start riding them readily. It is easy to maneuver and use such scooters from an early age.

Development of Pre-reading Skills

The benefit mentioned above, i.e. pre-reading skills, is essential for very young kids. Generally, our books are printed from left to right, so according to views of experts, it is believed that it is essential for new readers to be acquainted with the idea of direction right from an early age. This kind of skill is essential for many other reasons. Kids not only require holding the books and then flipping pages but also need to learn a good pencil grip that allows them to write words down in proper sequence. This will allow them to remember them better. Moreover, these types of scooters will improve the e motor skills to brush teeth, typing, and many other activities performed on a daily basis.


In certain countries, a helmet is needed for non-motorized scooters, bikes, skateboards, and for people who are below the age of 18. By riding the micro scooters, children can grasp knowledge about the significance of protecting their bodies and the results of not doing so. There is no compromise with the safety of kids’ body while they ride on such scooters.


Typically, it does not take more time for children to master riding a kick scooter. But when they get the confidence knowing they could manage it properly, it can make them enthusiastic about tackling other skills. When they start riding such scooters regularly, there will be a gradual boost in their confidence. So, they will not fall off and therefore, fewer chances of accidents.

Pleasurable Riding Experience

This is one of the most important benefits of micro scooters for kids. The children usually love to do things that improve their mood and keep them entertained. It is really a fun-filled experience to ride micro-scooters on different terrains. It is certain that kids will stay engaged in their riding experience and find supreme joy throughout the day.

Final Words

Unlike me, you do not have to rely on trial and error. You also shouldn’t base your decision on limited or wrong information. Simply use the above review on the 10 best micro scooters for kids in 2019. I have based the comparison based on my personal experience, and you can be certain that they will deliver reliable and long-lasting service. You also don’t need to worry about your child’s safety or frequent breakdown as they are made from quality materials, features the best engineering, and are child-friendly. Go ahead- click on the item that you believe will give your child or children maximum satisfaction and you peace-of-mind

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