Important tips to follow when using your dishwasher

When it comes to cleaning dishes in an efficient manner, using a dishwasher is the most obvious choice.

Not only does it give your tableware a squeaky clean, but it also saves you time and energy from having to deal with heavily soiled dishes and utensils.

One thing is clear though. A clean dishwasher = clean dishes. Your commercial dishwasher also gets soiled with everyday use and regular care and maintenance will ensure that it performs well in terms of cleaning your dishes. If you’re interested in knowing how to get the most from your commercial dishwasher, check out our top tips below.

10 important tips to follow when using your dishwasher

Tip #1. Scrape the plates first before putting them in the dishwasher

It might sound counterintuitive to clean your dishes first before placing them inside the dishwasher but trust us. Doing so means that your dishwasher won’t work twice as hard and it’ll only take one wash cycle to leave your dishes sparkling clean. Scraping bits of food particles off also means that you won’t need to clean the dishwasher trap that often. Before you load your dishes next time, give them a good scraping first.

Tip #2. Avoid overcrowding your dishwasher

Commercial dishwashers only go up to a certain capacity. Overcrowding your dishwasher will result in unclean plates because it’s too tightly packed inside. It’s a good idea to divide your dishes into two wash cycles instead of jamming all of it inside. You can also wash the rest of your dishes by hand. This helps you save on rinse aid because you don’t have to redo an entire wash cycle just to keep your dishes clean.

Tip #3. Use hot water before you start your dishwasher

During the winter months, it can take quite a while before the water heats up. It’s a good idea to use hot water before you start the wash cycle so you don’t have to wait before placing your dishes inside your dishwasher.

Tip #4. Use the correct dishwasher cycle

Your commercial dishwasher is capable of running different wash cycles to ensure that your dishes come out sparkling clean. You might be tempted to run lighter wash cycles to save on energy bills and water, but doing this will leave your dishes less clean. For heavily soiled dishes, use the power wash cycle to remove any caked-on bits left by desserts, etc.

High-end commercial dishwashers come with an auto-clean cycle that uses sensors to automatically adjust the cycle depending on how dirty your dishes are.

Tip #5. Make sure to use rinse aid

Most people skimp on rinse aid in order to save costs, but in reality, it can end up costing you more. If you use expensive chinaware, then using rinse aid is an absolute must. It helps dry out your dishes much quicker by eliminating watermarks and will protect your chinaware from unwanted scuffs and scratches by removing spots and films.

Tip #6. Use vinegar to clean your commercial dishwasher

Vinegar has antimicrobial properties and is a cheap cleaning agent for cleaning your dishwasher. Just toss a cup of vinegar on an empty dishwasher and run a regular cycle. It helps to sanitize the internal parts of your dishwasher and leave it smelling nice and fresh.

One thing you don’t want to do is using vinegar as a substitute to rinse aid. Vinegar is not a surfactant and it won’t help dry out your dishes much quicker. Not to mention that you’ll also end up damaging integral seals and gaskets on the rinse aid dispenser since vinegar is acidic in nature.

Tip #7. Remove and clean the dishwasher trap

The dishwasher trap collects food particles and other gunk that gets dislodged when you use your dishwasher. Check the dishwasher trap and remove it every now and then to give it a thorough clean. If the dishwasher traps are fully covered with gunk, you can use an old toothbrush and give it a good scraping to remove stubborn food particles. Additionally, you can submerge it in hot, soapy water to soften the gunk before brushing it.

Tip #8. Take out all the removable parts and clean it thoroughly

Your commercial dishwasher has a lot of working components that accumulate dirt and grime with each use. Take out all the removable parts like the racks, the wash arms and wipe it off with a hot water/soap solution. Pay particular attention to the wash arms and check the water holes to see if any gunk has blocked it. Use an old toothbrush to clean the wash arms and put everything back in place. This will ensure that the wash arms spray water on your dishes properly.

Tip #9. Turn down the heat

You don’t need to blast extremely hot water in order to get your dishes clean. Doing so will only damage your high-end chinaware and leave it with harsh scratches. Aim for 120-125 degrees Fahrenheit for optimal results as well as saving on energy costs.

Tip #10. Have your commercial dishwasher serviced annually

Commercial dishwashers are an expensive investment. It’s important to look after your dishwasher by regularly cleaning and maintaining its working parts. If you want to prolong the lifespan of your dishwasher, have it serviced by a qualified technician. Doing so will help you save on costs by having to not replace expensive components inside your dishwasher.

Final Words

Commercial dishwashers are convenient pieces of equipment. By following these tips, you’ll be able to use your dishwasher for much longer and your dishes will end up much cleaner and in pristine condition every time you wash it.

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