Best Vitamins For Increase Height Growth

Do you find your child not as tall as his peers? And does that pain him and you as well? As a parent, it is quite normal and obvious to intend your child to grow into a healthy individual. But what if things don’t happen as you had wanted?

Worry not. There are certain vitamins and minerals which can play a very big role in helping in the growth of your child. Want to know what they are? Sit back and read on!

Vitamins For Height Growth – Top 10

1. Vitamin A

Vitamin A is also known as retinol is one of the most important vitamins for height growth in children. You must select such food items for your kids that contain this vitamin in good amounts. Vitamin A increases the height of the kids. It produces calcium to nourish bones and enhance body development. Shortlist food items like broccoli, peaches, fortified milk and fruits.

2. Vitamin D:

Many of the little kids are not able to grow with normal height due to genetic disorders. Therefore, parents must prioritize the preparation of food that must have Vitamin D and other minerals in order to help children become taller. Vitamin D is an ingredient that accelerates the physical height of a child. It also prevents rickets and bone erosion. The availability of phosphorous and calcium in vitamin D helps children to have rapid body growth within a short time.

3. Vitamin B Complex

Vitamin B Complex plays multiple roles in the development of a child’s body. There are eleven vitamins, which form the Vitamin B Complex that helps in body-building. Out of them, Vitamin B 12 or Cobalamin is an agent that promotes the height of the body without damaging bones and tissues. Child care specialists prescribe good vitamin B complex supplements to help children grow taller.

4. Vitamin C

Vitamin C or ascorbic acid is naturally required to enhance the speedy growth and maturity of the baby. This particular body development vitamin should be consumed by children to gear up the height rapidly. Citrus fruits, banana, and avocado are some essential foods that provide lots of vitamin C to nourish bones, form new collagens, and revive the body strength.

5. Vitamin F

Vitamin F contains polyunsaturated fats and other components to develop cells, restructure bones and prevent body weakness. However, vitamin F is also efficient to speed up the growing process in kids. Give seafood to your children. Salmon, mackerel and fruits like canola are also helpful to youngsters in their growth.

6. Vitamin K

For proper bone growth, you need calcium. Several studies have shown that vitamin K maintains and promotes smooth growth of the body. Children must eat nutritious food that has vitamin K in order to stop bone erosion, thereby enhancing height acceleration.

Best Minerals For Height Growth In Children

7. Calcium

Calcium is a bone re-growth mineral that is required by the body in good amounts for the proper growth and development of children. However, sometimes the children face calcium deficiency due to low intake of calcium, providing foods such as milk and banana. Including dairy products like yogurt and cheese also helps in promoting bone health and growth of the body.

8. Magnesium

Magnesium strengthens up the musculature by reinforcing bones. It works magnificently through the collaboration with phosphorous and contributes to the steady increase of the body growth.

9. Zinc

Children who are unhappy due to short height must opt for zinc mineral. It restarts the bone growth. Zinc is available in oysters, eggs, and red meat. Make proper dietary plans by including zinc in boosting your child’s growth.

10. Boron

Boron is a good contributor that balances the amount of Vitamin D in the body. Since vitamin D supports the absorption of calcium through foods, you must include boron-containing foods such as almond, beans, broccoli, carrot, apple, and apricot in your daily diet.

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