Shraddha Kapoor Forearm Exercises To Reduce Extra Fat

Shraddha Kapoor Forearm Exercises To Reduce Extra Fat/The primary movers of the forearm are the flexors and extensors. Strengthening the muscles of the forearm help with activities of daily living such as lifting bags and other objects. Improving the strength of the forearm may also help decrease the chance of developing carpal tunnel syndrome. Women looking to improve forearm strength can add a few exercises in their strength-training program. Perform all exercises once per week for 12 to 15 repetitions, use lightweight and move slowly and deliberately through each exercise.

Shraddha Kapoor Forearm Exercises To Reduce Extra Fat

Wrist Curls

Wrist curls are easily executed with a 3- to the 5-pound dumbbell. This exercise strengthens the wrist flexors in the forearm. To perform the exercise, sit on a bench or chair and hold a dumbbell in your right arm with your right forearm resting on your right thigh, palm facing up. Allow the dumbbell to roll out of the palm down to the fingers. Raise the dumbbell back up by gripping the dumbbell and pointing the knuckles up as high as possible. Lower the dumbbell and repeat.

Reverse Wrist Curl

The reverse wrist curl strengthens the extensors in the forearm. To execute the exercise, hold a 3- to 5-pound dumbbell in the hand of the working arm. Sit on a chair or bench and grip the dumbbell with an overhand grip, hand facing down toward the floor. Rest the forearm on the thigh and keep your wrist below the knee. Contract the extensors of the arm and raise the dumbbell up by pointing the knuckles up toward the ceiling. Return the knuckles toward the ground and repeat.

Hammer Curls

Hammer curls strengthen the flexors and extensors of the arm as well as the biceps. To execute the exercise, hold a dumbbell in each hand with the palms facing in, and the arms hanging at the side. Curl the arms up by bending the elbows and bring the forearms toward the shoulders. Hold the top position for two seconds then lower the arms back to starting position. This exercise can be performed sitting or standing.

Shraddha Kapoor Forearm Exercises To Reduce Extra Fat

When it comes to arm muscles, the biceps at the front usually get all the attention. Biceps are the glamorous muscles displayed in the classic “show me your muscles” pose, but your triceps make up the bulk of your upper arm size. The triceps are located at the back of your arms and are the secondary muscles involved in pushups, bench presses and other pressing movements. You can isolate your triceps with free weights, or by using different machines at the gym.

Triceps Push-Downs

The push-down station is a staple in most gyms and an effective way to work your triceps. It is basically a cable attached to a weight stack, with a short, straight handle or rope attached to the cable at the top. Grab the handle or rope with an overhand grip and pull it down to about your chest level. Keep your elbows bent and tight to your body. Slowly straighten your arms, moving the handle down to your upper thigh area while flexing your triceps. Bend your arms to the start position and repeat.

Cable Rope Extensions

Cable rope extensions can be performed on the same machine as the triceps push-down. Use the rope attachment on the lower cable of the machine. Turn and face away from the machine and have a training partner hand you the rope attachment. Reach back and hold the ends of the rope behind your head with your palms facing each other. Start with your elbows bent and hold them close to your head, pointing toward the ceiling. While keeping your upper arms still, extend your elbows and pull the rope handles toward the ceiling. Pause for a count of two at the top of the pull, slowly return your hands to the starting position and repeat.

Dip Machine

The dip machine is basically the same as doing a regular dip, only the handles of the machine move instead of your body. Sit in the seat facing out and place your feet flat on the floor. Check to see that the handles are just below your armpits and if they are not, adjust the height of the seat. Grasp the handles and start with your arms bent 90 degrees. Press the handles down, flexing your triceps at the bottom, and then allow the handles to rise back up again.

Hammer Extension Machine

The hammer extension machine resembles a preacher curl machine, but the movement is reversed so you are pushing away instead of pulling in. Adjust the height of the seat so the edge of the padded armrest is just below your armpit. Sit on the seat and place the back of your arms over the pad. Grab onto the handles and straighten your arms down, flexing your triceps


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