36 Things You Need To Have In Your Kitchen

A kitchen is where you get to show your cooking skills and impress anyone with your delicious dishes. However, cooking a perfect dish is not a magic act as there are different processes of preparations that cooking requires. To make it all perfect, you need to have all the different kitchen tools and utensils at your disposal. The following is the list of the 35 things you might need in your kitchen. Let go through the list to understand the products and be convinced why you should buy them!

#1— Air Purifier

#4 PureZone 3-in-1 True HEPA Air Purifier

What Is Air Purifier?

An air purifier is an electronic appliance that purifies the polluted air and releases clean air. The kitchen is the most polluted room in a house irrespective of the presence of chimney. With the help of an air purifier, you can keep the airflow in your kitchen fresh and healthy. This air purifier generally cleans up the contaminants from the air of your room. It also effectively removes the excessive presence of harmful gases from the air. It also reduces the dust particles in the air.

The air purifier is a must product for asthma and allergy patients. It also eliminates the passive smoking problem. There are various types of air purifiers available based on the filters and contaminants that they can remove for the air. You should opt for the one that is tailor-made for the kitchen.

And Why Do You Need It?

The world is suffering from air pollution, and even the air inside your home is not safe for breathing. To keep yourself and your family from the air pollution, you need to install air purifier at home. Most of the air purifier comes with the HEPA filter to remove 99.97% small pollutant particles from the air. This air purifier reduces the chance of asthma attack in patients.

With an air purifier, you can also reduce the dust accumulation on your regular objects. If you have a chain-smoker in your family, you can keep your family members safe from passive smoking. Overall, an air purifier helps to maintain the proper oxygen level in your house. The air purifier also removes the heart-penetrating and cardiac disease causing smaller than 0.1-micron particles from the air. Most of the air purifiers clean up particulates, VOCs, gases and odors, and microorganisms.

This is why an air purifier is considered a must-have kitchen appliance. At home, most of the polluted air comes from the kitchen as cooking generates a lot of smoke. The level of carbon-dioxide and harmful gases increases which spread across the home. Besides, there are particulate formations in the air and inhaling such air can cause severe lung and other organ related diseases for the cook and the family members. An air purifier will prevent all these severe effects by purifying the air at the source, and the air at home will stay perfect for breathing.

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#2— Bread Box

Best Bread Boxes

What Is Bread Box?

A bread box keeps your bread fresh for a long time. It is a simple product which will preserve the bread and will ensure that no flies or germs can reach it. A bread box keeps the contents at room temperature, and therefore, there is no contamination. It has an air-tight lid to prevent the formation of mold and reduce condensation. Therefore, it is an alternative to preservatives used in food and bread which is harmful.

Apart from bread, you can also keep other food items like pastries or baked items in it. This is very compact and takes less space for storage. It is lightweight due to the need for portability and may be composed of different materials like plastic and steel. You can also use it to store food items safely in your refrigerator.

And Why Do You Need It?

Preservation: Having a bread box means you can conveniently buy bread in advance. It will make sure that your bread doesn’t end up in the trash can due to contamination. It is ideal for storage of bread in your kitchen as well as your refrigerator. Furthermore, it will allow you to store a variety of items like muffins, bagel, rolls, and much more.

Safety: This has a lid which will prevent ants, flies, mice and other pests from reaching the food items. It will also ensure that there will be no mold on your bread by reducing condensation. You can keep bread and other items perfect at room temperature without slight contamination.

Convenience: A bread box is very simple to use and clean and does not require any power to function. Modern day bread boxes are usually made of steel and are lightweight for easy transport. Moreover, they have handles for you to carry them conveniently. They may even have a transparent body where you can check if the condition of bread and other contents.

Freshness: Bread boxes work even better than a refrigerator. While storing your bread in the refrigerator, there are possibilities to have frozen bread due to moisture. However, in a bread box, your bread will be fresh without any wet texture. You can eat fresh bread and other food items even though you have bought or prepare them beforehand.

There are wooden, steel, plastic, ceramic, and enamel bread boxes available. The bread boxes can have roll top, hinged door, pull-open door, and lid designs. As per your convenience, you should choose accordingly.

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#3— Calphalon Knife Set

Best Calphalon Knife Sets Reviews

What Is Calphalon Knife Set?

Whether you are a home cook or a professional chef, a Calphalon knife set is something you must possess in your kitchen. This knife set not only has a superior brand name in the market for the cutlery items but also delivers the best quality cutlery service for a lifetime. The stylish design of knife set will surely enhance your kitchen décor. Besides, a Calphalon knife set is known for its self-sharpening feature. The professional-grade knife set will make your cutting and cooking experience smooth and enjoyable.

And Why Do You Need It?

Stylish: The style and design of a Calphalon knife set will surely make your kitchen look classy and modern. Calphalon is the first brand to introduce hard-anodizing aluminum and non-stick coating for the culinary appliances. The Calphalon knife set has a superior goodwill in the market of cutlery items, and hence, its brand value will add value to your kitchen collection. Besides, the construction is ergonomic and scientific to provide better grip and comfort. If you own the labeled knife set of Calphalon, then it helps you to identify each of the knives easily.

Functional: The Calphalon knife set has the sturdy and rust-resistant stainless steel construction. Besides, the knife set is stain and corrosion resistant. The contoured design of the knife set provides the extra balance and comfort. The integrated bolster design of the knives allows a firm grip. Besides, most of the Calphalon knife sets have the Polyresin handles for soft and comfortable grip. The German steel of the knives is very much hygienic and safe to cut the foods. They are light in weight but delivers proper strength for professional cutting.

Durable: The knives do not easily lose their sharpness as most of them are self-sharpening. The triple-riveted handles of the knives prolong the lifespan of the Calphalon knife set. No matter how many times you drop them from your hands or bang them against any hard surface, they withstand all the harshness. Buying the knife set is profitable as it is very premium in construction and design and likely to last a lifespan.

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#4— Electric Can Opener

Best Electric Can Openers Reviews

What Is Electric Can Opener?

An electric can opener is an ideal kitchen tool for people who like to have canned foods and drinks. This opener can open the sealed bottles and cans easily in a few seconds. This tool makes your task easy in the kitchen when it comes to opening canned containers containing food items, drinks, and various other ingredients.

The reason for using it is that the opening of canned containers in absolutely effortless and mess-free. You can avoid the injuries on the fingers by using the electric can openers while opening the cans. The most of the electric opener has the construction of stainless steel. You just need to push a button to open the sealed cans.

And Why Do You Need It?

Versatile: When it comes to opening cans, you should prefer an electric can opener over a manual can opener. An electric can opener helps you at the kitchen in various other ways apart from can opening. These advanced electric can openers have different features like sharpening a knife, making holes and much more.

Convenient: When you throw a party, you need to open a lot of canned drinks for your guests. This is when you understand the true value and usefulness for an electric can opener. Besides, it is safer and more convenient than a manual can opener. You can open various types of sealed cans easily by using this tool at the very first chance. There is no risk involved in opening cans anymore. Moreover, the opening process is clean, and there is no mess to clean up afterward.

Quality: An electric opener is available with high-quality cords which last for a long time. It is also available at a reasonable price with a durable construction. The modern electric can openers have many advanced features including automatic shut off facility. The electric consumption is also very less.

Easy Cleaning: An electric can opener is easy to clean by wiping with few drops of liquid soap and dry cloth. You can also remove and assemble different parts of the electric can opener according to your need for cleaning and maintenance. Overall, it requires negligible maintenance and the product can last a lifetime.

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#5— Electric Pressure Cooker

Best Electric Pressure Cookers

What Is Electric Pressure Cooker?

An electric pressure cooker is a modern kitchen appliance. It is an alternative to the traditional pressure cooker especially for the novices. The appliance is powered with electricity and will let you prepare different types of dishes as you can do in a traditional pressure cooker over the stove. It is ideal for cooking rice as it will steam the rice appropriately and evenly. Apart from that, you can prepare as steamed dishes conveniently and faster. This is very simple to operate, and there are various settings available to cook effortlessly without much experience in cooking. It works by trapping the steam produced by boiling water and ensures that the temperature will rise speedily.

And Why Do You Need It?

Versatile: Most of the electric cookers are multi-functional. It will not only pressure cook but will also slow cook. You can also keep your food warm in it and use it for reheating. You can choose the appropriate heat settings for sautéing, warming, browning, or cooking. There can even be a display where you can track the time or set the time to cook. Hence, an electric pressure cooker will eliminate your time of waiting in front of the gas to check if your food is cooked or not.

Convenient: It comes in a portable size and therefore, you can carry it with you when you go on a tour or cook away from your kitchen. Anyone can use it as they will only require it to plug-in and use the preset settings for operation. It is automatic and a perfect kitchen appliance for the novices. This will enhance your cooking skills and will let you make various recipes. You can even use it for boiling water or cooking tough items which take more time to cook.

Functional: The pot looks attractive from the outside and is very functional from the inside. You will only have to take out the inner vessel for adding the ingredients and cleaning. You can even clean it easily, and most of them are dishwasher safe. Besides, you don’t have to do continuous stirring and worry about getting your food burnt. The cooking time will reduce significantly, and the cooked dish will be perfect with full nutrition value.

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#6— Electric Skillet

Best Electric Skillets Reviews

What Is Electric Skillet?

An electric skillet is a replacement for the frying pan on a stove. It is a modern kitchen appliance where you can bake, cook, grill and fry ingredients. Moreover, this electric skillet requires no gas or any fuel to build up the heat as it runs on electric which is why it is energy-efficient. Besides, the temperature stays more steady and consistent as compared to a pan on the stove.

You can also set the temperature in the modern electric skillet which you think is ideal for preparing specific dishes. You can easily use a cute looking electric skillet as a serving dish on the dining table. The electric skillet is an ideal cooking pan that you can use anywhere you want providing you have the electric plug point nearby.

And Why Do You Need It?

Better Cooking: If you are looking for a replacement for your conventional frying pan and stove combination, an electric skillet is the best option. An electric skillet takes lesser time to heat up. Therefore, you can cook faster, and the heating distribution is consistent and better than the conventional frying pan. Besides, the option for adjusting the temperature in some skillets allows accurate cooking.

Convenient: A skillet is a good option if you live in a dorm and have no space for having a kitchen. The space-saving and compact design of this skillet is also ideal for modular kitchens. Besides, you can carry it with you wherever you go. The electric skillets are non-stick to allow easier cleaning than the ordinary frying pan. You can do all types of cooking and dishes that you can do on a frying pan on the stove. Besides, you can use it as a buffet server as well in the dinner party to keep the food warm. You can save gas and make your cooking energy-efficient.

Efficient Construction: The skillet with ceramic titanium coating is resistant to high temperature and allows equal heat distribution for even cooking. Most of the electric skillets are of stainless steel. The robust construction of this appliance allows a proper shelf life. The electric skillet has a scientific design that does not consume much electricity. You either get high temperature-resistant plastic or glass lid with this electric skillet. The glass lid with transparent design helps you to monitor your cooking easily. The cool touch handles of the skillets allow safety and secure portability.

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#7— Food Scale

Best Food Scales

What Is Food Scale?

To make a dish perfect, apart from your cooking skills, you need to ensure that the ingredients are in the proper amount. Besides, when you are cooking for guests, to retain the same taste of the dishes as you always do at home, you have to get the right amount of ingredients by extrapolating the proportion based on headcount. This is why a food scale is one of the most useful kitchen tools to possess. It is a smart tool to measure every ingredient accurately. If you are dieting, you have to weigh in all the ingredients to count the calories you are taking in. This can only be achieved using a food scale which shows the accurate measure of the food items you place on them.

And Why Do You Need It?

Accurate Measurement: The reason why every kitchen must have a food scale is to accurately measure the ingredients by weight. This will ensure that your dishes taste irrespective of how many persons you are preparing it for. This is because you can easily increase the proportion of the ingredients as per the number of guests. Besides, portion control is a big aspect for any healthy diet.

Convenient: The kitchen food scales are all digital scales these days, and therefore, they are easy to use. The display is large enough to be visible clearly, and there is a tare button available which takes the weight of the scale into consideration and makes the scale zero by including the weight of the bowl. Therefore, the weight shown after putting in the ingredients is the exact weight of the ingredients. There is no subtraction to be made as the weight of the bowl is adjusted to zero. Besides, you can use any bowl and adjust the scale to zero. It is also easy to clean, and the durability is long lasting.

Conversion: Most of the digital scales sold today have multiple weight units in them. You can convert the weight into any desired unit easily. Hence, whether you are following a domestic recipe or foreign recipe, you can get the accurate measurement of the ingredients easily.

There are different sizes of food scales available that you need to buy according to the space availability. Besides the range of weight that the food scale can measure vary, and you have to choose according to your requirements. They are quite compact and cost-effective.

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#8— Freezable Lunch Bag

Best Lunch Bags

What Is Freezable Lunch Bag?

A freezable lunch bag will keep your food items at a perfect temperature for a long time. It will ensure that your food does not start to contaminate and you eat nutritious food every time. This is very suitable for people who are on a strict diet and eat only homemade food. This works just like a fridge, and it allows you to take your food anywhere you want. This is convenient to carry and doesn’t even require ice packs. Freezable lunch bags will let you enjoy your outdoor parties, and you don’t have to spend money to buy any food. They are convenient and lightweight and have efficient cooling technology.

And Why Do You Need It?

Freezable lunch bags are portable and equipped with carrying straps. They come at an affordable price, and they are totally worth their price. You can carry almost any food item in it and preserve them perfectly. They have amazing cooling power, and some may also include pockets where you can easily keep other items like napkins. They are made of food-grade material and have a water-resistant surface. It is like carrying a portable fridge with you to prevent the food items from contamination.

When you have a freezable lunch bag, you can eat homemade meals anywhere you want. You do not have to spend any money on buying food items from food joints which can be unhealthy. It is a simple product which does not require any electricity and will work like your refrigerator. Besides, it is very easy to use, looks very attractive, and comes in a compact size. It will let you have healthy homemade food even whether you are at work or traveling.

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#9— French Fry Cutter

Best French Fry Cutters

What Is French Fry Cutter?

With the help of a French fry cutter, you will get the uniform shape of the slices of the potatoes exactly like you need to make French fries. This will help you to prepare crunchy and tasty French fires within minutes. It is a simple kitchen utensil where you can slice the raw potatoes according to your own preference. Slicing potatoes with a knife to make French fries is tiresome and inconsistent.

Moreover, you may end up in getting random shapes, and there are also possibilities of hurting your fingers. However, with a French fry cutter, everything will be quick, and there will be no hassle. It is very easy to use and will provide you perfect potato slices which will both taste and look great.

And Why Do You Need It?

Perfection: A French fry cutter will provide you with uniform slices of potatoes. The specialty of French fries is their consistent shapes and sizes. If you go for manual cutting with a knife, you can never achieve the consistency. The inconsistent slices will result in some undercooked and some overcooked French fries. It is way faster compared to manual cutting.

Convenient: You will only have to add the peeled potatoes and press the handle to get the uniform slices. It gives excellent traction and makes sure that there is minimal waste. Apart from home kitchens, this can also be used commercially, and it is very easy to clean. It is easy to store, and a must-have for every kitchen as everyone likes to eat French fries anytime.

Versatile: Some of them allow you to change the blades and get different types of shapes. You can prepare French fries in a few minutes when your kids demand crispy French fries. This is very strong and durable and can handle large quantities at a time. Apart from potatoes, you can put in various other fruits and vegetables to slice them consistently. It is usually made up of stainless steel or cast iron and has sharp and durable blades which will deliver great results.

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#10— Garlic Press

Best Garlic Presses

What Is Garlic Press?

A garlic press is a kitchen tool which will help to crush garlic cloves in a convenient way. The cloves go through a grid of small force when you press the piston. The holes do not get jammed as there are blunt pins to clear them automatically. It is a great alternative to mincing with a knife. There is no need for removing the peels of the cloves. The peels will remain in the garlic press, and only the garlic will come out.

The mincing garlic coming out of the press is more strongly flavored than mincing with a knife. Therefore, your dishes can be more flavorful. A garlic press is a very useful utensil for the kitchen which will save your time and energy. It is suitable for the professionals as well as the novices and will give maximum torque with a slight push.

And Why Do You Need It?

Effortless and Instant: A garlic press saves your time and gets you the result instantly. This comes in an ergonomic design and will easily mince with a single press. It is very easy to use, and you can put other ingredients like ginger. Besides, it is very efficient, and the minced garlic is even in dimension. Therefore, their cooking will be even and more flavorful.

Easy Cleaning: You can clean a garlic press easily. You will only have to rinse it in running water, and it becomes perfectly clean. Some of them have a grid of blunt pins to clean it automatically. The product is affordable and will let you have pain-free squeezing and mincing.

Clean Hands: The product requires no battery or electricity to deliver results as it is the case with electric mincers and crushers. You will not experience any smelly hands, and you need not carry those heavy crushers.

Portable and Fast: It is portable and lightweight and will easily fit in your hands. You can use it at home or even while going for camping or picnic. Apart from that, you don’t have to get trained to use it. This is simple and will enhance the efficiency of cooking. It will allow you to have hassle-free cooking especially when you are making dishes for a large number of people.

Efficient: Some of these are also dishwasher safe and ensures that there will be a minimal waste of garlic. It will let you focus on your cooking and enables you to mince in a breeze. It is a simple product which will make you dishes tastefully.

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#11— Gas Leak Detector

Best Gas Leak Detectors

What Is Gas Leak Detector?

A gas leak detector is an essential kitchen item which can detect gas leakage. We know that continuous undetected gas leakage can lead to severe conditions. Therefore, it acts as a safety precaution by detecting gas leakage and promoting you to actions to prevent the leakage of gas. Hence, you can avoid any catastrophe arising from gas leakage and have the peace of mind.

Gas leak detectors come in various forms and are usually very compact. Most of them are in device form which will sniff the gas and inform you. However, there are also sprays which will help you in locating the gas leakage. They are very quick to act and are highly sensitive.

And Why Do You Need It?

Safety First: Most of the home kitchens use gas to prepare food. The gas from the pie or cylinder can leak any time due to poor conditioning of the pipe or human error like forgetting to turn off the stove. Such gas leakage even for a short time can be disastrous leading to loss of lives. A gas leak detector becomes a must-have product as it will save your family from any such unwanted disaster.

Fast and Versatile: It is equipped with highly sensitive sensors and will indicate the gas leakage instantly. Some of them have the capability to detect various forms of gas like LPG, LNG, butane, methane, and CH4. It is a very reliable product which will inform you either with a beeping noise or through lights so that you can take instant action to prevent the leakage.

Most of them are powered usually by batteries. Therefore, even when you have a power cut, it will be active. They are very efficient and can also detect natural gas, coal, ethane, gasoline, and alcohol. Besides, they are highly affordable and small enough for any kitchen. Out any all kitchen appliances and devices available, you should buy it first not to compromise with safety.

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#12— Glass Cutting Board

Best Glass Cutting Boards Reviews

What Is Glass Cutting Board?

A glassing cutting board is a classy kitchen tool for cutting and chopping ingredients. It comes in a flat surface and allows you to chop your vegetables and meats easily. There is no question of rusting and fading on colors. It looks very attractive and comes in plain as well as with decorative prints on it. This is very suitable to prepare your food, and it does not get damaged by the strikes of knives. As a matter of fact, it does not lower the sharpness of the knives even in the long run. This is easy to clean instantly with a wet cloth. You can knead the dough as well as make a tortilla with a rolling pin. It will not contaminate your food, and you can also use it for slicing and serving.

And Why Do You Need It?

Hygiene: Cutting and chopping vegetables or meats are the first steps of making a dish. Instead of cutting them on the countertop of the kitchen which is unhygienic, you should buy a dedicated cutting board. The glass cutting board is the best option, and it will never reaction with the ingredients now absorb the juices after cutting. Glass cutting boards are more sanitizing when compared to wood or plastic.

Aesthetics: There are cutting boards available of different materials like wood, plastic, and others. However, the glass cutting boards are the most beautiful and they will make your kitchen look premium and professional. There are glass cutting boards available with different designs on them which look even better.

Function: A cutting board helps to get the exact shape and consistent size of the chopped items which can be meat or vegetable. With consistent size and shape, the dish will look better, and the cooking will be even. Moreover, it will ensure that you cut your vegetables much faster when compared to traditional cutting. They have non-slip feet so that you can do your cutting and chopping with safety. The surface of the glass cutting boards is also smooth for easy cutting, chopping, and even slicing.

Convenient: It is easy to clean, and you can wipe it before using to ensure hygiene. Most of the glass cutting boards are dishwasher safe and comes in various shapes and sizes. The glasses are resistant to shattering and can also resist small impacts. This will let you have trouble-free cutting, and it does not require any maintenance. You can also transfer the chopped items to the pan smoothly due to the non-stick surface. Some of them also have handles on both sides for easy portability.

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#13— Glass Teapot

Best Glass Teapots

What Is Glass Teapot?

A glass teapot is an ideal way to prepare a perfect cup of tea. With the help of a glass teapot, you can brew your tea effortlessly. As the construction of this teapot is of glass, you can see-through the brewing and supervise the process. Besides, it does not mess with the natural flavor and taste of the tea by any means.

This glass teapot comes in a variety of shapes and sizes to enhance the beauty of your kitchen or the place where you keep it. Aesthetically, it is superior to cast-iron and ceramic teapots. A glass teapot is an ideal kitchen utensil for a tea-lover, and it is highly durable and easy to maintain. This glass teapot comes with the different quality of glass construction.

And Why Do You Need It?

Quality: Most of the glass teapots are of high-quality borosilicate glass. The borosilicate glass is not easily breakable and can take bumps. Besides, the glass is highly resistant to heat, and there is no question of cracking under normal circumstances. Moreover, it is extremely clear in its transparency.

Perfection: The glass teapot has a distinctive feature that it does not absorb the essence of your tea. You can enjoy the fresh aroma of your tea when you brew it in a glass teapot. The glass teapot helps to lock the purest taste of the tea leaves brewing inside it. It is an ideal kitchen appliance to brew different types of high-quality tea leaves to taste the difference in flavor and aroma.

Aesthetics: As the glass is transparent so you can watch your tea brewing which is also a magnificent sight. This transparent feature of this glass teapot helps you to have the exact infusion you need in your tea. Therefore, you can serve strong and normal tea as per your need. The classy look with the simple yet sophisticated design of the glass teapot suits the décor of any room.

This glass teapot is also an ideal gift for housewarming, birthday, anniversary or Christmas for the connoisseur of tea. Most of the glass teapot is dishwasher safe and allows easy cleaning. The glass teapot also allows convenient storage in your kitchen.

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#14— Grill Mat

Best Grill Mats

What Is Grill Mat?

A grill mat allows you to grill or cook without making any mess. This provides a large and continuous cooking surface. Grilling without a grill mat is a difficult task to perform. A grill mat has the ability to withstand high temperature. It is made of non-stick fabric, and you can easily wipe it off to clean it.

This will make your task easier and will easily fit in your oven or stove burners. It is a time-saving kitchen item. It is thin and lightweight and is also very convenient to use. The versatile product will allow you to cook anything you want and will provide you with an amazing cooking experience.

And Why Do You Need It?

Adjustable: A grill mat is highly flexible and you can cut it and make it fit at the bottom of ovens, underneath stove burners, inside baking pans and what not. This will fit perfectly on the grates and will go with all type of grills.

Convenient: A grill mat is a reusable product, and it is easy to clean with a wet cloth or soapy sponge. There is no need for scrubbing as the oily stuff or other removable items on it do not stick on its surface. Some of the grill mats are also dishwasher safe, and you can clean it in a breeze. These are also very thin, and you can easily store them in a limited space. It also reduced the amount of oil and butter you generally require for cooking.

Cost-Effective: Due to reusability, it is an economically beneficial product. Besides, you can use it from either side, and it does not burn. Moreover, you can use it daily and clean it regularly for a long-term use. This can withstand temperatures of up to 500 degrees and will not break down. It is also durable and usually available in a set.

Safe: A quality grill mat is BPA free and free from any harmful chemical. Due to the non-stick surface, you can pick up food from it without any change in its taste, flavor or composition. Most of this comes with fiberglass coating and will let you prepare steaks, pizzas, scrambled eggs, marinades, and sauces. Therefore, you do not have to let your food touch the grates of your grilling machine which can be in unhygienic conditions.

The grill mats have brought a revolutionary in the cooking practices, and they are now an essential part of every kitchen. They are mandatory when you are cooking with outdoor stoves and grilling machines.

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#15— Hand Mixer

Best Hand Mixers

What Is Hand Mixer?

A hand mixer is a kitchen appliance which will let you prepare your batter without pouring the ingredients in the mixer. It is convenient to use, and you can hold and control it easily. It is a versatile product which will make your task of mixing, whisking, and beating very easy. The product is sure to save you a lot of time and energy in mixing your ingredients, and the ultimate result will be smooth and consistent.

It is simple to operate, and you will only have to plug in and put it in the bowl having all the ingredients for mixing. There are various settings available that you can set to as per your requirements. You can also clean it instantly in running water. It comes in a lightweight and compact design and will fit in anywhere in your kitchen.

And Why Do You Need It?

You mix almost anything instantly with a hand mixer without giving pressure to your arms and hands. You can make a smooth batter, beat the eggs, and prepare dough for your favorite recipe. Besides, you can prepare icing, fluffy mixtures, blend, whip cream, frostings, and much more. It is also suitable for making cookie dough. They are automatic and equipped with a powerful motor. They come with beaters, whisks, hooks, and even a convenient spatula.

A hand mixer is very compact which you can store conveniently anywhere. You can hang it on the wall in you have a space issue in your kitchen. It is a highly reliable and durable product, and that is why even professional chefs prefer to use it. It gets the job done quickly and without making a mess. Most of them are very attractive and come with advanced features and settings. You can choose from various speed settings and stir most types of ingredients including strong ones.

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#16— Hot Plate

Best Hot Plates

What Is Hot Plate?

A hot plate is a small kitchen appliance that will cook your food without any hassle. It is a portable cooktop containing heating surface or burner and will let you prepare your meal easily. This is capable of doing anything like frying, boiling, grilling, melting, slow cooking, steaming and much more. You can also take it anywhere you want like tailgating or picnic, and it comes with various temperature settings.

Hot plates are an alternative to kitchen stoves and oven. It will not emit any harmful gas and is powered by electricity. This will run for hours and provide you with optimal cooking experience. This is very functional, and there are electric as well as induction hot plates available. They are less expensive and more efficient than any gas stove.

And Why Do You Need It?

Convenient: If you are in a place where you do not have gas supply or place to have a full stove, a hot plate will fit in perfectly. It is compact and takes minimal space. You can cook as good as cooking on a stove or oven. It has a fully flat surface which allows you to place various types of utensils conveniently. Not just in the kitchen, you can even place it on your dining table or any flat surface for that matter to cook your food.

Time And Energy Saver: The use of electricity is an energy-efficient over the use of gas ovens. The heating is distributed evenly on the bottom surface of the cooking utensils. Therefore, the cooking is uniform and efficient. You can also program some of the modern hot plates according to your preference and make your food effortlessly. Moreover, you can cook food items faster on a hot plate as there are temperature controls available in most of them.

Portability: One of the reasons for buying a hot plate is its portability. When there is some renovation working going on in your kitchen, you can use it to cooking in your living room. Similarly, you can carry it anywhere you go and also prepare dishes outdoors. With easy handling capabilities, hot plate becomes an ideal choice for cooking outside the kitchen.

User-Friendly: Some of the hot plates have advanced features and facilities like auto-timer, present cooking options, temperature adjustment controls and likewise. The surface is non-slippery and will not let the cookware to slip from it. Some of them have an LCD display to show the time and temperature. Besides, hot plates are very safe to use at home. You can also clean it, and the surface is non-sticky.

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#17— Kitchen Exhaust Fan

Best Kitchen Exhaust Fans Reviews

What Is Kitchen Exhaust Fan?

The kitchen exhaust fan is an essential device to throw out the smoke, odor, and humidity from your kitchen. Generally, modern kitchens have kitchen chimneys to clean the kitchen air, and the cost of buying a kitchen chimney and annual maintenance service are quite high for many. Therefore, a kitchen exhaust fan is a low-cost investment and an alternative to kitchen chimney.

It is quite effective in getting rid of the smoke and odor, maintaining the normal temperature in the kitchen, and most importantly, letting the cook breathe in normal room air. Besides, it eliminates the excess humidity and grease from kitchen air. This kitchen exhaust fan comes in various shapes and sizes. Depending on the size of your kitchen, you have to choose accordingly.

And Why Do You Need It?

Effectively Clean Air: The kitchen exhaust fan is a must-have kitchen device to keep your kitchen free of fume that gets generated with cooking. It also helps to reduce the humidity in your kitchen to keep your kitchen items safe from the bacterial attack, rusting, and corrosion. Not just that cooking fumes, it can remove the air with greasy content that generates when something is fried. Therefore, the cook does not have to inhale polluted air in the kitchen, and the cooking smoke and odor do not spread in other rooms. Moreover, the painting and utensils in the kitchen do not get dirty anymore.

Modern Features: The modern kitchen exhaust fans come with scientific designs to clear the smoke more accurately. In most of the kitchen exhaust fans, you get the polymeric fan blades which are highly durable. Some of the exhaust effectively reduces smoke with a separate aluminum filter. The electrically-bonded epoxy layered exhaust fan comes with a prolonged lifespan. Apart from that, you get the exhaust fans with the thermally protected plug-in-motor. Some of the exhaust fans have the paintable resin grille to make your kitchen look stylish yet smoke-free.

Super Convenient: The kitchen exhaust fans are easy to install and clean. The twist lock of some exhaust fan allows a stress-free installation. Some of them have the pull chain operation to control the speed as per your requirement and save energy. The lubricated exhaust fan requires no maintenance for the motor. Most of them have a noiseless operation which is desirable. You can clean the fans at home and therefore, you do not need to spend extra bucks on annual maintenance service.

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#18— Kitchen Shear

Best Kitchen Shears

What Is Kitchen Shear?

Kitchen shears are scissors which are tailor-made for your kitchen purposes. You can use it just like an ordinary scissor and cut various food items. It is easy and safe to use and allows you to cut various types of leafy vegetables, meat, fish and many other things. Therefore, it is an alternative to the manual cutting using knives. It is lightweight and will not require much space for storage.

The shears are very sharp and will cut almost anything you want. Your task of cutting, chopping, and ripping will become very convenient when you have a kitchen shear at home. This is an ideal way to finely chop your coriander or mint and avoid using heavy knives for doing the task. This is available in many different sizes, and you can always get one according to your needs.

And Why Do You Need It?

Unlike regular scissors, a kitchen shear comes with an ergonomic shape for cutting the items efficiently. Some of the kitchen shears have serrated blades which will let you tear meat and fish and cut and chop vegetables. They all come with ergonomic handles, and the usage is same like using any other scissors. The handles can be made up of plastic, rubber, or metal. They are lightweight and allow you to clean easily. Some of them are multi-functional and are equipped with a bottle and can opener. Most of the parts are dishwasher safe and will last a lifetime. The blades can also be self-sharpening.

It is definitely a must-have kitchen tool that will help you immensely in your preparation of dishes. You can accurately trim the fins of fish, cut the strips from lettuce, snip the herbs, removing unwanted fats from the meat, or even making holes on pies. This simple tool will let you do things faster, accurately and conveniently. They are particularly useful in cutting leafy vegetables and preparing salads by chopping vegetables consistently.

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#19— Lemon Squeezer

Best Lemon Squeezers

What Is Lemon Squeezer?

A lemon squeezer is an easy-to-use kitchen tool that helps you to make instant professional-grade lime and lemon juice at home. You get both the automatic and manual lemon squeezer in the market. Both of them work well, though an automatic lemon squeezer is more convenient. The lemon squeezer effectively makes juice out of the citrus fruits like lime, lemon, orange, and grapefruit. This lemon squeezer only squeezes out the raw juice of the fruits by separating the pulps. Apart from citrus fruits, you can put in various other fruits and vegetables in small pieces to extract the juice.

And Why Do You Need It?

Pure Juice Extraction: A lemon squeezer helps you to get rid of the irritating pulps of the home-made juice. The lemon squeezer efficiently separates the juice, pulps, and seeds of the citrus fruits. This squeezer delivers the untouched, healthy and pure extracts of the fruits. Therefore, you do not have to buy flavored and preserved lime and lemon juiced anymore as you can make at home with perfection.

Safety: A lemon squeezer takes away the need for manual labor to squeeze out the juice out of the lemons. You just need to cut the lemons into halves to extract the juice. You can extract the juice of a lemon with just one press. Moreover, the handle of the squeezer is long enough to keep your fingers safe all the time.

Convenient: The lemon squeezer generally comes with a compact and convenient design to allow easy cleaning and storage. A lemon squeezer takes less than a minute to squeeze the juice out of a lemon. The lemon squeezer machine is available in different shapes and sizes. The standard size of a lemon squeezer efficiently squeezes different sizes of fruits. The cleaning of the pulps and seeds after juice extract is also very easy.

Miscellaneous: A lemon squeezer can have food-grade plastic, glass or stainless steel construction all of which are highly durable. It is a very affordable kitchen product. You can also save a lot by not paying for the packed synthetic juice anymore. Also, you can use the excess pulps for your natural skin treatment.

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#20— Meat Grinder

Best Meat Grinders

What Is Meat Grinder?

A meat grinder is a kitchen appliance that will finely grind and mince the meat and will let you prepare a tasty meat dish. It is easy to operate and can also be used for fish or vegetables. For any person, grinding meat manually is a tough task. It can take hours and will make you exhausted. Besides, the grinding will not be consistent. However, with a meat grinder, everything will be done efficiently and can tackle even the toughest meat. It is very tough and can handle meats of various types and quantities. Most of the meat grinders are electric, and you should choose the size according to your requirement.

And Why Do You Need It?

Fresh Meat: There are many popular meat dishes for which grinding is essential. If you have a meat grinder in your kitchen, you do not have to buy preserved grounded meat from the shop. You can buy fresh meat and grinder it with the meat grinder. Therefore, it is healthier due to the absence of preservatives. Moreover, fresh meat always tastes better when cooked with more meaty flavors in them.

More Choices: Different meat recipes need meats in different sizes. With a meat grinder, you can have full control of the level of grinding. Once you have control over the grinding, you can prepare different types of recipes with the grounded meat. Not just that, you can control that amount of fat you put in the grinder for the recipe to be perfect.

Convenient: A meat grinder is a time and energy saver. It will allow you to make your stuffing within minutes. You can quickly make your favorite recipe without getting tired. If you happen to use an electric meat grinder, you will only have to turn the power on. It is equipped with a powerful motor and will provide you with smooth results without any tangles. It is usually made up of metal, and hence, you can clean it easily. Apart from this, there is no risk of getting injured as you don’t have to use any sharp or heavy weapon for grinding and the operation is hands-free if you opt for an electric meat grinder.

When it comes to manual meat grinders, it is also very easy to use, and you will only have to use your hands to rotate the handle. Even this will mince the meat as per your desired choice. With a meat grinder, you can prepare and feast your family with tasty sausages, meatballs, burgers and various other meat dishes that you generally buy from food joints. You can also grind fishes and vegetables comfortably depending on the power of the meat grinder.

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#21— Mini Food Processor

Best Mini Food Processors

What Is Mini Food Processor?

Nothing can be more tiresome than chopping, grinding or blending ingredients when you are cooking. With the help of a food processor, you can do chopping, mixing, grinding, blending and various such processes effortlessly. However, if you have a small kitchen or have a low budget, you should opt for a mini food processor. It is extremely handy and requires less space in your kitchen.

A mini food processor is a kitchen appliance which can perform various tasks like kneading the dough, mixing, blending, or grinding. It is easy to operate, and everything can be done very quickly. It will even chop and comes in a lightweight design.

And Why Do You Need It?

Versatile: A mini food processor is one of the most useful kitchen appliances you should have in your kitchen. It comes with different types of blades, each of which has its own functions. Some will chop, some will grate, and some for mincing. There are speed settings so that you can get the desired output as per your requirement.

Efficient: Moreover, it comes with a powerful motor which is very powerful and efficient. Therefore, you can put in hard and dry ingredients to perform the functions possible. With some, you will also be getting various items like a spatula and measuring cups. The ingredients after processing are easy to remove as the interior surface of the bowl is non-sticky. The blades will not rust, and there will be no mess during or after you use it.

Convenient: The preparation before the actual cooking of your recipe will become extremely easy and effortless. You will only have to plug in and use it in your preferred settings. You just have to pour in the ingredients and lock the lid and wait for the machine to do the task. These are also very simple to clean, and some are dishwasher safe.

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#22— Mixing Bowl Set

Best Mixing Bowl Sets

What Is Mixing Bowl (Set)?

A kitchen without a proper a mixing bowl set is incomplete. Mixing bowl set is a versatile product where you can mix various ingredients conveniently. In a set, you will find mixing bowl of different size to use as per your requirements. It will let you put all the ingredients in the bowl and mix it without spilling anything. You can mix both solid and liquid ingredients. With its wide opening, you can conveniently use your hands or spatula to mix and prepare your favorite recipe’s batter. Moreover, you can pour and remove the ingredients without any hassle due to its non-stick interior surface. They come in different colors, and you can clean it easily. Most of them are dishwasher safe and made of food-grade materials.

And Why Do You Need It?

A mixing bowl is necessary for preparing any dish. It is a perfect bowl to combine all the ingredients, keep the chopped vegetables and store cooked dishes and much more. If you happen to bake a cake, then you need to prepare the batter in a mixing bowl. You can also make a dough and prepare salads. A mixing bowl set comes with multiple bowls of different sizes, and you can use any one or multiple as per your need. Therefore, a mixing bowl set can come in handy at every step in your kitchen. Some also come with spatula set and non-slip base and rubber grip. It will let you do anything you want even outside the kitchen.

They will take less space for storing as they are stackable. Some even come with measurement marks which will allow you to pour in the right quantity of ingredients. These are extremely durable and is a must have product for every household kitchen. These can come in beautiful prints to enhance the kitchen décor. They can be of wood, plastic, rubber, ceramic, and even metal. It will provide you with good control while mixing items and you can also put them in a refrigerator if you happen to marinade your mixing. Some of the modern mixing bowls sets also come up with convenient lid and will ensure that your food remains untouched by mice and flies.

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#23— Pizzelle Maker

Best Pizzelle Makers


What Is Pizzelle Maker?

A pizzelle maker is a kitchen appliance that will let you make tasty pizzelle at your own home. This will let you prepare the traditional cookies using the correct ingredients conveniently. You can get your waffle cookies right at home and prepare at any time. It is very easy to use and uses electricity to run. This will also enhance your culinary experience and will make sure that your family will get to eat delicious and nutritious homemade pizzelle.

It is highly portable, and hence, you can prepare culinary pizzelle anywhere you want with the ingredients required. Some of them are multi-functional and will let you prepare other items like crepes, pancakes, tortillas, and blintzes.

And Why Do You Need It?

With a pizzelle maker, your task of making homemade pizzelle will become easier. This comes very handy when you have a family get-together or party where you need to serve the guests with snacks. The device is easy to use and runs on electricity. All you have to do is open the machine, pour in the content and cover it. You will be able to create decorative patterns on your pizzelle and get compliments for your artistic and cooking skills. It is also portable, and you can store it anywhere when not in use. This is also convenient to carry from one place to another as most come up with handles.

A pizzelle maker can make many pieces of pizzelle at a time. The inner surface of the machine is non-stick, and you don’t have to worry about getting burnt pizzelle. It is just like a waffle iron where you will have to heat it and place it in the plates. It comes in different varieties and suitable for anyone to use it. You don’t have to be an expert to operate it. Gather all the ingredients and pour the batter into the machine and your tasty pizzelle are ready to get served. It is better to opt for a versatile pizzelle maker which you can use to prepare will types of cookies and snacks apart from pizzelles.

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#24— Plastic Mason Jar

Best Plastic Mason Jars

What Is Plastic Mason Jar?

Everyone loves to keep the kitchen area as organized and systematic as they can. That is why people opt for a complete jar set to keep all the ingredients required in the kitchen perfectly. There are various types of kitchen jars available, and out of them, the plastic Mason jars are extremely popular. The plastic is of food-grade quality, and the construction is pretty to go well with the modern kitchen décor. Therefore, with a plastic Mason jar set, you can keep all your necessary items in an organized way. There are dedicated jars available to store different types of ingredients in the best possible way. The consistent design and color combination make them appealing in the kitchen.

And Why Do You Need It?

Efficient: The plastic Mason Jars are of high-quality, food-grade, and BPA-free plastic. Most of the Mason jars come with a convenient screw on lids for airless filling. You can easily fill these jars with your spices, fresh foods, and even chopped vegetables. With the wide-mouth, the jar allows a convenient filling and cleaning.

Versatile: Some of the Mason jars are ideal for serving beverages or hot drinks with a straw through the opening on the lids. Besides, the Mason jars with plastic construction are sturdy enough to store your ordinary hardware items like nails, screws and so on.

Most importantly, you get the Mason jars in a pocket-friendly price. Even, you can use this Mason jar for DIY items as well. The jar allows you to store your regular jewelry in any organized way. You can plant small, succulents, cactus or any other homegrown small plants as well.

Durable: Apart from the quality and versatility, these jars can last a lifetime. The plastic Mason jar is very much light in weight and not easily breakable like the glass jars. These Mason jars ideally serve all your organization needs in your kitchen in the best possible way. The plastic Mason jars are adorable and easily stackable. The plastic Mason jars come with distinctive colors and designs.

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#25— Portable Electric Stove

Best Portable Electric Stoves

What Is Portable Electric Stove?

A portable electric stove will let you cook anything and anywhere you want. It is compact and lightweight, and you can use it conveniently. This is very suitable for any outdoor event like a picnic or camping and will let you prepare your food easily. You can use it conveniently at your kitchen, and you will only have to plug in to use it. There is no requirement for fuel, and it allows precision cooking. This is very efficient, and it works very fast and comes with many handy features to enhance your cooking. There are different power levels, and some of them even come with more than one burner for cooking multiple dishes simultaneously.

And Why Do You Need It?

Portability: The foremost reason for buying a portable electric stove is easy portability. You can take the stove anywhere you want which can be in other rooms other than the kitchen, outdoors for outdoor cooking, away from your home for a picnic and other such activities. They are compact and lightweight, and you can carry them in your travel bag or large handbags comfortably.

Efficient and Functional: An electric stove does not require any gas or fuel to cook food, and hence, it becomes the most efficient way of cooking. It is very safe for your family and will not emit any harmful smoke. This is an advanced product that comes with many features like level adjustments to cook dishes at the desired temperature. You can also set the timer, and there are preset settings for different popular dishes. It is easy to carry, and you can also store it conveniently.

Convenient: You don’t require a matchstick or a lighter to light the fire as everything is done automatically. The cooktop is very easy to clean, and you can also reheat food on this instantly. You do not need special kitchen utensils like induction ovens to cook on it. It is compatible with most of the utensils that you already have in your kitchen.

Effective Cooking: The heat sensors on it will provide optimal heat to cook food faster and evenly. The various present buttons will provide you with a pleasing experience. It is extremely suitable for novices and amateur cooks to prepare various dishes perfectly.

Apart from that, an electric stove will cost less than a gas stove in the long run. You can clean the electric stove spotlessly after cooking. For a portable electric stove, you do not need to have a large space in your kitchen for installation.

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#26— Portable Ice Maker

Best Portable Ice Makers


What Is Portable Ice Maker?

To beat the heat, people often enjoy a glass of fresh juice, cold drink, and many other beverages. But all these chilled beverages are incomplete without ice. Whenever you are out for a summer camp or tour, you need to take some ice with you. But it is almost impossible to carry ice cubes with you under normal circumstances. That is where a portable ice maker comes as the ultimate solution for the situation. This device has a designated reservoir to fill with water. After that, plug in the device to a power source to make ice out of the water anywhere you want and anytime you need. This portable ice maker is the ideal product for an ice fanatic as it is affordable and easy to carry with you when traveling.

And Why Do You Need It?

The main advantage of a portable ice maker is that it is easy to carry due to its compact size and lightweight. A portable ice maker serves you with enough number of ice cubes with only a gallon of water. The ice maker takes more or less ten to fifteen minutes to deliver the ice cubes thanks to its advanced and efficient cooling technology. It also consumes less power while freezing the water. On the other hand, the heating technology helps to drop off the cubes easily and uniformly. The ice maker is a perfect replacement for your ordinary fridge refrigeration.

Most of the ice makers come with overflow protection. It is perfect for both the indoor and outdoor use. It is ideal to carry in the office, beach parties, and many more other occasions. The portable ice maker is a user-friendly product and comes with an easy control panel. It also comes in different shapes or sizes. You need to determine your purpose and how much quantity you need at a time from the ice maker.

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#27— Slice Toaster

Best 4-Slice Toasters

What Is Slice Toaster?

A slice toaster is a handy kitchen tool which allows you to make crunchy toasts conveniently without any mess. This is very suitable for any home kitchen and comes in a portable size. It will make your task of toasting easy, and you don’t have to worry about getting your hands to burn. It is quick and allows you to focus on other work as it will do the job for you.

There is no need to turn the slice as it will evenly toast it for you. This is very suitable for those people who are in a hurry and getting late for their work. A slice toaster is very easy to use and will let you have instant breakfast.

And Why Do You Need It?

Convenient: A slice toaster is very affordable and convenient to use. You will only have to plug in and put the slices of bread to get your toasts. It is handy and will allow you to set your desired crunchiness. This is very convenient to store, and most of it comes with a crumb tray which makes it easy to clean. Moreover, you can also adjust the shade and get the perfect color ranging from light to dark brown.

Efficient: While making a toast in the pan, you will have to turn it on both the sides and have to keep attending it. However, a slice toaster does not require that as it evenly toasts both sides of the bread. You need not worry about hurting yourself as it is equipped with a lever to remove your toast. The modern slice toasters are fully safe and secured from all aspects.

Time Saver: The best part is that you can toast many slices at a time. Some of these have wide slots which let you toast other items like bagels. This is automatic and will get turned off on its own. It is very suitable for a hectic morning where you are running out of time. You will be able to feed the breakfast to your kids instantly. You can focus on your work without even thinking of getting your bread burnt

Moreover, it is highly portable, and you can take it anywhere you go. This is not heavy and will accommodate different thicknesses of slices of bread. The toasts will also be tasty and healthy.

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#28— Snow Cone Machine

Best Snow Cone Syrups Reviews

What Is Snow Cone Machine?

The best way to beat the heat is to sit back idly at your home and enjoy snow cones with your dear ones. A snow cone is a great alternative to the ice cream as it is a cup of crushed ice pieces that are flavored with fruit syrup. With a snow cone machine, you can prepare different flavors of snow cones at home and serve your guests and family members especially kids instantly. A homemade snow cone of any desired flavor is far more healthier than ice creams sold in the market.

A snow cone machine is very easy to operate. You have to put ice cubes in the machine, and it crushes them into very tiny pieces, and the resultant product comes out in a cone shape. You can apply your favorite fruit syrup beforehand in the machine or later on once the cone comes out. The process is very fast, and hence, you can serve different types of snow cones instantly.

And Why Do You Need It?

Every kid loves to have the colorful ice creams in the summer vacation. For parents, serving them with healthy food items is a priority. That is why instead of buying the flavored ice creams from the market, you can serve the home-made snow cones with their favorite flavored fruit syrups.

Hygienic: Most of the snow cone machines have the hygienic stainless steel construction. The countertop design of the machine allows a convenient use and storage. The surface of the machine is easily cleanable. The machine also comes with the simple and convenient installable design. The BPA-free construction of the snow cone machines provides food-safety and peace of mind.

Instant: The electric snow cone machine is user-friendly and delivers the chopped ice in cone shape instantly. On an average, a snow cone machine delivers up to 5 cones in a minute. Therefore, the waiting time to get the snow cone will be a few minutes only for the kids or guests. Some of the snow cone machines come with the manual operation design. These snow cone machines are highly portable and allow you to use it anywhere.

Versatile: Some of the snow cone machines can deliver both the snow cones and shaved ice. The adjustable shaving head of the machines allows you to do so. Some professional-grade machine allows you to chop ice chuck in lesser time. The built-in safety switch on the snow cone machine ensures safe and secure operation. There are snow cone machines available with various types of designs to match and enhance your kitchen’s look and décor.

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#29— Spice Grinder

Best Spice Grinders

What Is Spice Grinder?

A spice grinder is a very useful kitchen tool will let you grind spices in a convenient way without putting much effort. The spices are the heart of any dish and proper and even grinding is necessary for the desired taste. It is a simple and versatile product which can tackle any type of spices and herbs. You can also put other items like coffee beans to finely grind them.

When done manually, it can take hours to grind spices which is tiring. You may spill the spices, and the grinding will be inconsistent. But with a spice grinder, you do everything without any hassle within minutes. You will also ensure that nothing will go to waste and the output will be exactly as you want.

And Why Do You Need It?

Getting a smooth powder out of hard spices can be really a tough job even though it is a necessity. With a spice grinder, you get to save your time and energy as it will easily do the work for you. It can grind spices, nuts, grains, and herbs. Besides, it comes in a convenient design and is usually powered with electricity. You can also find manual spice grinders if you have a low budget and will provide you with a similar result. The blades in a spice grinder are very efficient and allow you to grind even the hardest ingredient. It will provide you with exact coarseness you prefer and will also not spill any item.

This has variable speed settings and will look great in your kitchen countertop. It is very quick, reliable, and easy to maintain. This is equipped with a powerful motor and always comes in a portable size. You will conveniently make any recipe tasty with grounded spices. It is ergonomic and is an ideal choice for every household kitchen. This has attached jar which is easy to clean and may also include a handle.

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#30— Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker

Best Stainless Steel Pressure Cookers

What Is Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker?

A stainless steel pressure cooker is an essential cooking item you must have in your kitchen. It is very elegant, efficient, and very easy to clean. It can reduce the time of your cooking by building up high pressure to cook the ingredients faster. Stainless steel pressure cookers work with normal gas. There are some stainless steel pressure cookers that are powered by electricity.

You can cook rice, boil water and vegetables, and make steamy food items. It is durable and comes in various sizes. A stainless steel pressure cooker will save not only time but also energy. Moreover, a stainless steel pressure cooker makes the food prepare taster by trapping the flavor deep throughout the dish.

And Why Do You Need It?

Electric Cookers: In an electric stainless steel pressure cooker, you will only have to plug it to use it. It has various preset functions to cook different types of food items without much supervision. It will cook evenly and faster. This is lightweight and portable which is why you can use it outdoors and carry with you when you travel.

Apart from preset settings, there are certain programmable functions available. You can choose to reheat food and slow cook apart from other usual cooking options. This is easy to store and clean. An electric pressure cooker has automatic functions and various settings due to which it is ideal for amateur cooks. The product is extremely user-friendly, and it will retain the flavors and nutrients perfectly.

Traditional Cookers: If you want to cook food in a traditional way where you can supervise everything, you should opt for a traditional stainless steel pressure cooker that works on a stove. You can use it for cooking rice, meat, and other items very quickly. This will reduce your time and save energy. Moreover, it is very easy to clean, and some are dishwasher safe. You will find a handle which allows you to carry it conveniently.

There will be a pressure indicator pin which will release the pressure when it is full. This will cook evenly and requires less maintenance. It is simple to use and includes a lid which attaches very tightly. It is ideal for those who have the idea about cooking in a traditional pressure cooker. Besides, it is efficient and convenient than conventional cook pots.

In general, a stainless steel pressure cooker is resistant to smudges and scuff marks. The spills and leftovers will not stick to the interior surface tightly. Besides, the shiny look will not vanish even after years of usage. Along with durability, it is extremely hygienic and helps to retain the natural flavors. The heating will be uniform, and the material is scratch resistant and non-porous.

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#31— Stainless Steel Trash Can

Best Stainless Steel Trash Cans

What Is Stainless Steel Trash Can?

You need a trash can in your kitchen to store and dispose of the trashes daily. There are various materials of which a trash can may be made of. But a stainless steel trash can is the best can to store and hide your kitchen trashes. A stainless steel trash has an attractive mirror finish to go well with the kitchen décor rather than just being a neglected trash can. You can dispose of anything biodegradable or non-biodegradable in a stainless steel trash can. Most of the stainless steel trash can comes with a lid to prevent odor from coming out. You can also use a stainless steel trash can in your office, bedroom, or outdoors.

And Why Do You Need It?

Durable: A stainless steel trash can is rust-resistant and highly durable than a plastic trash can. The plastic body messes with the rotten trash and leaves a bad stink. A stainless steel trash can does not react with the trashes to emit any bad smell. Besides, a stainless steel trash can is way stronger in construction than any other trash cans and therefore, you can handle it roughly without degrading it in the long run.

Attractive: You no more need to hide the old, stinky, plastic cans behind your curtains or doors or under the kitchen sink. A stainless steel trash can has mirrored finish on the exterior, and therefore, it enhances the beauty of the kitchen or the place where you keep it. You get many colors, shapes, sizes, and designs of a stainless steel trash can to match your kitchen décor.

Convenient: The stainless steel trash can is easily cleanable as the interior surfaces are washable spotlessly. It is not the case of cans made of plastic or other materials. Washing with a soapy sponge will make it as good as a new can. There are some advanced stainless steel trash cans available that come with an infrared sensor to open the lid automatically after sensing your approach. Then the trash cans close the lid 5 seconds after your leaving.

It is the most hygienic way to dispose of the trashes. That is why you will see stainless steel trash cans at hospitals, corporate offices, malls and almost everywhere you go where cleanliness is a priority.

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#32— Stand Mixer

Best Stand Mixers

What Is Stand Mixer?

A stand mixer is a high-performance kitchen tool which is very efficient in mixing your ingredients. Mixing the ingredients smoothly can be a difficult task when you are preparing any dish. You need to ensure that the batter is smooth and that there are no lumps. Doing it manually may hurt your arms, and even with a hand mixer, you can never get a smooth mixture that you need for making the dish perfect.

But with a stand mixer, you can conveniently achieve the consistency you prefer without any effort. It is very suitable for whisking, mixing, and beating. This is also very quick and will save your time and energy. It has a powerful motor and is equipped with a hook to make a smooth batter or dough.

And Why Do You Need It?

Convenience: There are various types of mixer available in the market, but a stand mixer is popular for its convenience. You can place it easily on a table, and you don’t have to hold it. There is no manual labor to invest in it as the operation will be hands-free. You can put it the ingredients and set the speed and let it do its job while you can concentrate on cooking. It is attached with a convenient bowl where you can place your ingredients.

Powerful: A stand mixer is powered with electricity and therefore, it is automatic and powerful. This is why you can put in various types of ingredients for mixing, and the output will be smooth and satisfying. You can vary the speed of rotation of the mixer as per your requirement and ingredients. Stand mixers will spin consistently and have various other useful settings. Moreover, the mixing is faster in comparison to a hand mixer.

Versatile: Most of the stand mixers come with various attachments for mixing, whisking, and beating different types of ingredients. That is why they are more versatile than a hand-held mixer. Moreover, they are not going to make any mess as there is a dedicated bowl present where the mixing is done.

Efficient: The mixing is consistent in comparison to hand mixer as it is impossible to get an ideal batter manually. Since you can control the speed, you can set it according to your requirement and the mixture will be according to the speed. You can efficiently prepare heavier batters and dough.

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#33— Tea Maker

Best Tea Makers

What Is Tea Maker?

A tea maker is a kitchen appliance to prepare perfect tea instantly. It is a versatile product which allows you to make tea and other beverages automatically. It runs on electricity, and there is no need for turning on the oven or burning any other fuel. You can prepare all types of tea, and it will also let you drink boiled water. This is a very convenient machine for the novices for making tea. It is very easy to operate and will let you make tea even in your bedroom. Moreover, you can take the tea maker anywhere you go to prepare and enjoy tea anytime.

And Why Do You Need It?

Making a perfect cup of tea is effortless with a tea maker. It is tailor-made for preparing different types of teas, and it is an alternative way of preparing tea without use stoves or ovens. Using electricity is also energy-efficient and cost-effective. You can prepare tea anywhere where you have electric plug system.

A modern tea maker comes with many amazing features, and it is very simple to operate. It has an automatic shutoff feature and therefore, you do not need any prior experience to prepare a perfect cup of tea. You can prepare all types of tea whether in powder or teabag. Moreover, it will eliminate the use of strainers as it will ensure that you drink only tea without including any solid particle.

The tea maker acts like an automatic kettle but in a more convenient way. You can boil water and can even prepare coffee in this. You can even use it to reheat your tea or coffee. A non-electric tea maker will also allow you to prepare tea without using any strainer. It is attached with a separate cabinet where you can pour in the tea leaves and will ensure that you get the fresh aroma of tea with full flavor without feeling hard tea leaves or powder in your mouth.

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#34— Vegetable Steamer

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What Is Vegetable Steamer?

Steaming any food item is the most efficient way to retain the nutrients intact and get the job done faster. Therefore, dieticians and nutritionists always recommend their patients to have stream vegetables in their breakfasts or lunches. There are so many different dishes possible with steamed vegetables which are not only healthy but also delicious. A vegetable steamer is a kitchen appliance that can steam your vegetables to perfection. It is a great product to have in your kitchen especially if you eat a lot of steamed vegetables or use them in different dishes. You can take out the vegetables out of your freeze and instantly steam them to make them cooking worthy.

A steamer is different from a pressure cooker. In a pressure cooker, the boiling water is in direct contact with the vegetables or food items you place in it which certainly absorbs some nutrients and even dilutes them in the vegetables. However, the boiling water stays in a different compartment in a vegetable steamer and therefore, the vegetables stay more nutritious and healthy.

And Why Do You Need It?

Retain Nutrition: Instead of boiling the vegetables in a pan or a pressure cooker, you should opt for a vegetable steamer. When the vegetables are steamed in a vegetable steamer, the color, fiber, texture and even the flavor stay the same. All the nutrients are fully preserved including the antioxidants present in them. Therefore, you get to eat the most nutritious vegetables after steaming in the vegetable steamer.

Healthy Food: The dieticians always recommend people to have steamed vegetables in one of the meals of the day. This is because steaming in a vegetable steamer does not need oil and spices and therefore, you eat the healthiest meal possible. Besides, the food moisture and freshness are also retained as the vegetable steamers do not leak any steam out.

Digestible Food: Everyone knows that steamed vegetables are the most digestible and therefore, if you have constipation or bowel movement related issues, the steamed vegetables cooked with a vegetable steamer are the best.

Convenient: A vegetable steamer is easy to use, and the steaming is also faster than steaming in a pan. This is because the heat does not escape outside and more heat is generated for faster cooking. Not just that, pouring out the steamed vegetables from a steamer is very convenient. Besides, you can wash a vegetable steamer instantly. Due to no oil or smoke, there is no mess created inside it. Apart from that, a vegetable steamer is more economical and energy-efficient than manual steaming on the stove.

Apart from vegetables, you can steam fruits, starches, and meats in some of the versatile vegetable steamers.

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#35— Wine Glass Rack

Best Wine Glass Racks

What Is Wine Glass Rack?

If you are a wine enthusiast and you have a good collection of wine and wine glasses to show off, a wine glass rack is a must for you. The wine enthusiasts take pride in showing their collection of wines and room has dedicated walls and space to showcase them. A wine glass rack will be a perfect addition to that space to show off the different types of wine glasses you have in your collection too. Keeping the aesthetic property aside, wine glasses are too much fragile and therefore, you need a dedicated rack to store them safely and extend their lifespan immensely.

And Why Do You Need It?

Just as you need to protect your bottles of wine, the wine glasses are very fragile and need dedicated space for safe storage. Apart from that, just as you showcase your wine proudly, you should showcase your wine glass collections with pride. That is why a wine glass rack is a must-have product for your kitchen or any other dedicates space. There are so many innovative designs are available on the market that they look classy and elegant with your every sort of décor.

From wood to steel, there are various materials of which the wine glass rack can be made of. The wooden wine glass racks are not only sturdy enough but also come with a classy appearance. The steel wine glass rack has the timeless and simplest design to suit any décor. Any wine glass rack is easy to install and maintain. You also get under the cabinet, hanging or tabletop designs for the wine glass rack. The wine glass rack helps you to keep your glasses in an organized way. All of the wine glass racks are easily cleanable and highly durable.

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#36— Wooden Cutting Board

Best Wood Cutting Boards

What Is Wooden Cutting Board?

The first priority of any kitchen is hygiene. It is important for the cooks to take full care of the hygiene factor from the moment they step in the kitchen. The first step of any cooking preparation is cutting, chopping, and slicing the ingredients. It is not good to chop foods on your kitchen slab or on any other unhygienic surfaces. There are so many food chopping boards of different materials available in the market. The best one out of them is the wooden cutting board. The wooden cutting boards are natural and safer than the other plastic, nylon, and even glass. You can hygienically cut and chop your foods on the wooden board without causing any damage to your kitchen surface.

And Why Do You Need It?

Hygienic: We must have noticed on TV shows that professional chefs use a wooden board to chop or cut vegetables and meats. The wooden board in your kitchen not only looks classy but also maintains the hygiene factor of the chopped items. Contrary to popular belief, the modern wooden cutting boards do not absorb the juices out of the chopped vegetables and meats. You can easily chop vegetables, meats, cheese or any other foods on this board.

Quality: There are high-quality, FDA approved wooden cutting boards available. Unlike the plastic board, the wooden board just does not react with the chopped items by any means even after daily use for years. The wooden cutting boards also come with an anti-bacterial layer on the top not to let the food contaminate and become unhealthy. Some of them come with the moisture-locking surface on the top to keep the moisture of the foods intact.

Convenient: The boards come with handgrips on both sides and are lightweight for sliding you foods directly to pan from the board. Most of the wooden chopping boards require low to zero maintenance. The modern wooden butting boards are easy to clean with water. They will also not damage the sharpness of your choppers or knives. There are so many designs and shapes available on the market to go with your kitchen decor. There are so many designs and shapes available on the market to go with your kitchen decor. From large to small, you get different sizes of wooden chopping boards on the market to serve your purpose. The boards also come at a pocket-friendly price.

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If you dreamt of having an ideal kitchen, having these 35 things in your kitchen is a must. All these kitchen items will come useful every day. Starting from initial preparation of cutting and chopping vegetables to getting the finished products and storing them, all these items are the building blocks in every step. Some of these 35 things you might need in your kitchen can be new to you and therefore, we have provided detailed explanations of the products. You can go through the descriptions to understand how the product can be beneficial for your kitchen rather than blindly buying them.

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