Top 5 Influential Kitchen Design Trends in 2019

Are you tired of your dull-looking kitchen? It’s no secret that personal environment has a tremendous effect on your mood and behavior, which is why it’s only logical that a kitchen that looks and feels the way you like and enjoy can actually encourage you to spend more time in it and prepare some healthy meals. Not to mention the overall satisfaction of a pleasant and personal space. If you find that your kitchen has been nothing but uninspiring so far, it may be the time for a makeover. With that in mind, take a look at the major kitchen design trends for 2019; you may stumble upon the inspiration you need.

1. Eclectic Kitchens

Eclecticism has become really popular in 2017, but the mix of different styles hasn’t been widely used for kitchen design – so far. However, for those of you who absolutely enjoy being surrounded by the things and styles you like, and have no real qualms about details not being perfectly matchy-matchy, this trend can be absolutely perfect. Essentially, you mix and match a bunch of different styles together such as retro-inspired islands for example, with a marble or glass countertops, or you can use bricks for one area of wall decor and wallpaper with mixed geometrical and vintage-inspired patterns for the other. This is also a great trend for everyone who enjoys repurposing.

2. Open Floor Plans

Open floor plan mainly involves the kitchen that’s open to the rest of the home. Usually, a dining room and kitchen are fused together, and the island and dining table make for a perfect space separation strategy. Moreover, this allows you to move around freely and choose where to eat without losing the sight of your living room, where the rest of your family may be. This trend is so popular because it allows you to design the kitchen in a way that would match your entire home, and it encourages social interaction.

3. Metallic Vibes

The metallic look is known to be trendy when it comes to bathroom design, but this year, the trend has taken over the kitchen design as well. Gold, rose gold and especially copper are perfect for your faucets, sinks, lamps, but other kitchen details and accessories as well, such as dishes and cutlery. If you want a metal shelf for storing, you may as well go with some of these warm metal finishes. A metal dining table can be a great addition for the fans of industrial design style as well. This is a great trend since it allows you to introduce the basics of it to your kitchen on your own, thanks to readily available waterproof spray paint. You can even choose whether you want a matt or shiny finish.

5. Statement Pieces

Kitchens generally tend to be pretty straightforward in their design, regardless of what style you prefer. However, if you’re tired of that, you’ll be glad to hear that statement décor pieces have made their way to the top kitchen design trends of 2019. For instance, decorative bells are very popular. From the simple look of a regular lamp to a large bell that’s part of the wall and ceiling, this is something that can definitely make your kitchen stand out in a great way. If you go for a more decorative, vintage-inspired bell, you also have the freedom to opt for kitchen appliances and furniture to match this particular style, thus bringing in even more statement details.


The need for sustainable appliances has become great in 2017 and the trend is only going to get bigger in 2019. Replacing your old appliances with energy-saving ones such as the Electrolux star-rated appliances is a great investment that will help you save energy, money and the planet. Of course, let’s not forget about sustainable materials, perfect for kitchen floors and furniture. Concrete, bamboo, stainless steel and tempered glass provide durability and ease of maintenance. Marble has also risen to the top, especially when it comes to countertops, but it is expensive; if you like the look of it though you may want to opt for a DIY project and cover your countertops with self-adhesive vinyl wallpaper with a marble print.

Final Words

For whatever reason, people tend to abandon their creativity when kitchen design is concerned. There’s definitely no reason to do that though. As long as it’s functional for your own needs, your kitchen can look however you want it to. One may say in the end that the biggest kitchen design trend for 2019 is precisely the freedom to play with your kitchen design according to your own tastes and introduce more creativity and personality to it.

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