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For beginners of the juicing let’s start with the term “Juicing”, what exactly juicing means? Juicing is to squeeze out all the juice out of your products and discarding the insoluble fibrous part. Basically, the juice is the liquid product and nutrients that have been extracted from a fruit or plant. If you are making a smoothie or blending all your ingredients together, that is going to make a thick hearty drink containing all the fibers pulverized.

Why choose a juicer?

On the other hand from juice almost immediately our body can get the enzymes or nutrients. It is much easier for our system and more in quantity of fruits or vegetables can be consumed at a time. So I think the choice should be according to personal preferences, but I must say as it is a beginner’s guide to juicing; building a habit of consuming fresh juice regularly is a prerequisite to stay healthy and fit.

If you are starting the juicing

at your home, at first, you have to get yourself a juicer. You can find various types of juicers at the market, from automatic, manual, masticating, centrifugal, etc. Automatic juicer machines are electrically powered. Manual citrus press juicers are basically a specially shaped lever where you can put your product and press it manually to extract juice out of it.

Particularly for making lemonades Manual Citrus Juicer are the best. Masticating juicers are usually pricier among the types of juicer machines. They have a grinding mechanism when the produce is ground it produces juice. And the centrifugal juicers are comparatively lower in price. Centrifugal juicers work by rotating its center part in such a way that extracts juice out of the given fruits. Usually, centrifugal juicers work best for citrus fruits. But the main drawback of this kind of juicers is they are mostly noisy.


Juices for you to choose

There is a perfect juice for every occasion. The preparation entirely depends upon the vibe and goal of the consumer, there is juice for fitness to chill on a sunny day. So here are some of the options to explore according to your need.

Treasure the tropical

The sunbathing on a hot summer day is not complete if you don’t have a cool tropical drink at hand. In that case, a pina colada cocktail might be the perfect touch. The fruit itself symbolizes the vibe of summer on the air. A good juicer at hand will make your task easier and the summer days better. It’s better to refrigerate the drink before serving as it stops the sugar from fermenting besides it also adds some punch in the flavor.

Citrus is the new sexy

Feeling down from the workload, going under huge stress or need to lose some weight every solution is packed in the citrus juice. Believe me not! I betcha after a tiring day if you take a sip from the chilling glass of lemon mint, you will instantaneously feel revived. Losing weight intake of citrus juice in an empty stomach is found to be very helpful. Not only this the citrus juice can also be implemented in the marinating the meats to exploit the best flavor and tenderness from the meat.

Apple for all time

Apple once a day keeps the doctor away. It might be one of the most common proverbs that we know. So you can guess how important Apple is for maintaining a balanced diet. Apple cider is the second most favorite drink after the citrus options. The sour taste of the apple helps in the detoxification of the body and boosts the immunity.

So we have discussed a range of options for you. Now it’s your time to choose among them and enjoy a drink. Because you should remember life is short so cheer it up.

Common Mistakes to Avoid

Sugar rush

The fructose is fruit sugar. It is easily absorbable but excess of it might raise the blood sugar level. Sugar might be added to balance the acidity in some drinks but all sweet fruits together might become too sweet to consume. So it is best to make a combo sweet and sour together for example grapes and apple pairs up to create the heavenly elixir. You may give it a try. Excessive fructose causes harm to diabetes patients.

Some Cons of Juicing

Grabbing the juicer at hand because the infomercial guy said so might be one of the biggest mistakes that you will do. Having a good conscience and understanding you should use it to explore the options at hand. For that check the reviews available online and compare them from different sites. Keep in mind a bad juicer produces heat that destroys the nutrients and taste of the juice. The noise that it creates will create a constant buzz in your ears so be aware before buying your new juicer.

Not drinking fresh

To get the best of the juice you should consume it fresh. The flavors may remain for two days maximum under proper refrigeration. But the sugar in the juice begins to ferment after sometimes which will be harmful to the body. Over time the nutrients tend to evaporate leaving the water behind with no additional food value.

Afraid of exploring

They live who dare. Have the courage to explore new recipes. Drinking the same juice every day will make the flavor blunt; try something different every now and then. But follow a definite recipe from a good source otherwise it will be something not edible which will lead to waste of resources and time.

The above mentions are some of the common mistakes done by consumers. Take them to heart and avoid them.

Things to Consider Before Choosing Your Juicer

Now before getting a new juicer, you have to consider a few properties of the machine. You should know how noisy or loud the juicer is, what is the RPM of the machine Rotation per Minute of juicers may vary from 100RPM to 2000RPM. What are the cleaning and maintenance procedures of the juicer, how easy or difficult it is to operate? What are the materials the machine is made of? And whether you have sufficient space to store it.

Final Words

Finally, I would like to talk about some aspects you should consider after you have decided to buy a juicer. Well, juices are very refreshing and sometimes relaxing for us. But some fruits contain high fructose which can be unhealthy for diabetics or heart disease patients. If you are having such a tendency or complicacies, you should prefer more for vegetable juices.

Vegetables are free from fructose but can be used for refreshing drinks. Consulting a dietitian would be best to decide the type and amount that is best for you. know more about the Best Dietitian In West Delhi. And lastly, as a health concern, the machine properly cleaned before and after each use. It will protect you from health hazards and also maximize the machine’s life. As a beginner’s guide to the juicing, I hope this article will be helpful for starting your juicing life.

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