Treatment of Pale Skin For Baby, Diagnosis, Causes

Treatment of Pale Skin For Baby/Pale Skin of color is the property of being a light or pastel version of another color of the same hue. The paler color has higher luminance, and lower chrominance (or color saturation). Paleness, also known as pale complexion or pallor, is an unusual lightness of skin color compared with your normal complexion. Paleness may be caused by reduced blood flow and oxygen or by a decreased number of red blood cells.

Causes of Pale Skin

  • Acute anemia – is usually the result of rapid blood loss from trauma, surgery, or internal bleeding, often from your stomach or intestinal tract.
  • Chronic anemia is common – It can be caused by a lack of iron, vitamin B-12, or folate in your diet. There are also genetic causes of anemia, such as sickle cell disease and thalassemia. In these conditions, your body makes ineffective hemoglobin. This is the protein in red blood cells that carries oxygen. Chronic anemia – can also be caused by diseases such as chronic kidney failure or hypothyroidism. Certain cancers that affect your bones or bone marrow can also cause anemia due to poor production of blood cells over a period of weeks to months.
  • Does not produce enough red blood cells – This can happen if she does not have enough iron or other nutrients in her diet (e.g. iron-deficiency anemia).
  • Destroys too many red blood cells – This type of anemia usually happens when a child has an underlying illness or has inherited a red blood cell disorder (e.g.sickle-cell anemia).
  • Loses red blood cells through bleeding – This can either be obvious blood loss, such as heavy menstrual bleeding, or long-term low-grade blood loss, perhaps in the stool.
  • Lack of sun exposure
  • Skin that is naturally pale
  • Cold exposure and frostbite
  • Shock (dangerously low blood pressure)
  • Blockage in the artery of a limb
  • The amount of blood flowing to your skin
  • Your skin’s thickness
  • The amount of melanin in your skin
  • Paleness can be a manifestation of emotions such as fear (“pale as a ghost”), or it can be a sign of serious medical problems such as severe anemia, bloodstream infection, or frostbite.
  • Paleness in your inner eyelids is a telltale sign of anemia, regardless of race. It is also considered a sensitive indicator of severe anemia.
  • Mucous membranes inside your mouth
  • Your tongue
  • Your fingernails
  • Palms of your hands
  • Inner membranes of your lower eyelids

Membrane conditions

  • Spherocytosis
  • Hereditary elliptocytosis

Enzyme conditions

  • Glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase deficiency (also called G6PD deficiency)
  • Pyruvate kinase deficiency

Globin synthesis defect

  • sickle cell disease
  • Alpha-thalassemia, e.g. HbH disease

Extrinsic Causes Of Hemolysis

Systemic conditions

  • Sepsis
  • Arteriovenous malformation
  • Alloimmunity (The neonatal or cord blood gives a positive direct Coombs test and the maternal blood gives a positive indirect Coombs test)
  • Hemolytic disease of the newborn (ABO)
  • Rh disease
  • Hemolytic disease of the newborn (anti-Kell)
  • Hemolytic disease of the newborn (anti-Rhc)
  • Other blood type mismatches causing hemolytic disease of the newborn

Non-Hemolytic Causes

  • Breastfeeding jaundice
  • Breast milk jaundice
  • Cephalohematoma
  • Polycythemia
  • Urinary tract infection
  • Sepsis
  • Hypothyroidism
  • Gilbert’s syndrome
  • Crigler-Najjar syndrome
  • High GI obstruction (Pyloric stenosis, Bowel obstruction)

Conjugated (Direct) Liver Causes of the paleness of skin


  • Sepsis
  • Hepatitis A
  • Hepatitis B
  • TORCH infections


  • Galactosemia
  • Alpha-1-antitrypsin deficiency, which is commonly missed, and must be considered in DDx
  • Cystic fibrosis
  • Dubin-Johnson Syndrome
  • Rotor syndrome
  • Drugs
  • Total parenteral nutrition
  • Idiopathic


Biliary atresia or bile duct obstruction

  • Alagille syndrome
  • Choledochal cyst

Drugs That May Cause paleness of skin 


  • Paracetamol
  • Aspirin
  • Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs

Cardiac Drugs

  • Methyldopa
  • Amiodarone

Psychotropic Drugs

  • Monoamine oxidase inhibitors
  • Phenothiazines (such as chlorpromazine)


  • Sodium valproate
  • Oestrogens (oral contraceptives and hormone replacement therapy)
  • Predischarge total serum or transcutaneous bilirubin measurement in the high-risk or high–intermediate-risk zone
  • Lower gestational age
  • Exclusive breastfeeding, particularly if nursing is not going well and weight loss is excessive
  • Jaundice observed in the first 24 hours
  • Isoimmune or other hemolytic diseases (e.g., G6PD deficiency)
  • Previous sibling with jaundice
  • Cephalohematoma or significant bruising
  • East Asian race

Symptoms of Pale Skin

  • Shortness of breath
  • Rapid heart rate
  • Swollen hands and feet
  • Headaches
  • Dizziness and fainting
  • Restless leg syndrome
  • General fatigue
  • Weakness
  • Strange cravings to eat items that aren’t food, such as dirt, ice, or clay
  • A tingling or crawling feeling in the legs
  • Tongue swelling or soreness
  • Cold hands and feet
  • Fast or irregular heartbeat
  • Brittle nails
  • Pain or swelling in the legs
  • Worsening in shortness of breath
  • Increases in blood pressure (be sure to regularly monitor your blood pressure)
  • Dizziness or loss of consciousness
  • Extreme fatigue
  • Blood clots in hemodialysis vascular access ports

Diagnosis of Pale Skin

The following tests are used to evaluate the causes of paleness:

  • Complete blood count (CBC) – This blood test helps evaluate if you have anemia or infection.
  • Reticulocyte count – This blood test helps your doctor see how well your bone marrow is working.
  • Stool culture – This test checks for the presence of blood in your stool, which may indicate internal intestinal bleeding.
  • Serum pregnancy test – This test rules out pregnancy. Anemia, which can cause pallor, is common in pregnancy.
  • Thyroid function tests – This series of tests check your thyroid hormone levels. A low functioning thyroid can cause anemia.
  • Kidney function tests – Because kidney failure may cause anemia, your doctor may order a BUN or creatinine blood tests to check how well your kidneys are working.
  • Vitamin deficit scans – You doctor may order a serum iron, vitamin B-12, or folate level test to see if a nutritional deficiency is causing the anemia.

Imaging Test

  • Abdominal X-ray – This is a noninvasive test that uses X-rays to check your abdominal organs.
  • Abdominal ultrasound – This noninvasive test uses sound waves to detect problems in your body.
  • Abdominal CT scan – This test uses X-rays to form high-definition images of the organs and blood vessels in your abdomen.
  • Extremity arteriography – This X-ray test involves injecting dye into the artery of a limb to help your doctor see if there is a blockage.
  • Ultrasonography –  is the first-line imaging investigation in patients with jaundice, right upper quadrant pain, or hepatomegaly. It is non-invasive, inexpensive, and quick but requires experience in technique and interpretation. Ultrasonography is the best method for identifying gallbladder stones and for confirming extrahepatic biliary obstruction as dilated bile ducts are visible. It is good at identifying liver abnormalities such as cysts and tumors and pancreatic masses and fluid collections, but visualization of the lower common bile duct and pancreas is often hindered by overlying bowel gas. Computed tomography is complementary to ultrasonography and provides information on liver texture, gallbladder disease, bile duct dilatation, and pancreatic disease. Computed tomography is particularly valuable for detecting small lesions in the liver and pancreas.
  • Cholangiography –  identifies the level of biliary obstruction and often the cause. Intravenous cholangiography is rarely used now as opacification of the bile ducts is poor, particularly in jaundiced patients, and anaphylaxis remains a problem. Endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography is advisable when the lower end of the duct is obstructed (by gallstones or carcinoma of the pancreas). The cause of the obstruction (for example, stones or parasites) can sometimes be removed by endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography to allow cytological or histological diagnosis.
  • Percutaneous transhepatic cholangiography – is preferred for hilar obstructions (biliary stricture, cholangiocarcinoma of the hepatic duct bifurcation) because better opacification of the ducts near the obstruction provides more information for planning subsequent management. Obstruction can be relieved by insertion of a plastic or metal tube (a stent) at either endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography or percutaneous transhepatic cholangiography.
  • Magnetic resonance cholangiopancreatography – allows non-invasive visualization of the bile and pancreatic ducts. It is superseding most diagnostic endoscopic cholangiopancreatography as faster magnetic resonance imaging scanners become more widely available.
  • Liver biopsy – Percutaneous liver biopsy is a day case procedure performed under local anesthetic. Patients must have a normal clotting time and platelet count and ultrasonography to ensure that the bile ducts are not dilated. Complications include bile leaks and hemorrhage, and overall mortality is around 0.1%. A transjugular liver biopsy can be performed by passing a special needle, under radiological guidance, through the internal jugular vein, the right atrium, and inferior vena cava and into the liver through the hepatic veins.
  • Measurement of Bilirubin Levels – Bilirubin level can be checked through the biochemical method, Bilimeter or transcutaneous bilirubin meter ().
  • Biochemical – The gold standard method for bilirubin estimation is the total and conjugated bilirubin assessment based on the van den Bergh reaction ([.
  • Millimeter – Spectrophotometry is the base of Bilimeter and it assesses total bilirubin in the serum. Because of the predominant unconjugated form of bilirubin, this method has been found a useful method in neonates.
  • Transcutaneous Bilirubinometer – This method is noninvasive and is based on the principle of multi-wavelength spectral reflectance from the bilirubin staining in the skin [. The accuracy of the instrument may be affected by the variation of skin pigmentation and its thickness [.
  • Clinical Approach to Jaundice – The initial step in the evaluation of any newborn for jaundice is to differentiate between physiological and pathological jaundice. A helpful algorithm as adapted by AAP (2004b) [ is as follows.
  • Dependency on Newborn Period or Preterm – Preterm intervention values are different and depend on the degree of prematurity and birth weight [.
  • Evidence of Hemolysis – Onset of jaundice within 24 h, presence of pallor and hydrops, presence of hepatosplenomegaly, presence of hemolysis on the smear of peripheral blood, increased count of reticulocyte (>8%), rapid rise of bilirubin (>5 mg/dl in 24 h or >0.5 mg/dl/hr) or a family history of considerable jaundice should create a suspicion of hemolytic jaundice [.
  • Instructions and Precautionary Measure for Parents during Physiological Jaundice – The benign nature of jaundice should be explained and demonstrated to the parents. The mother should be encouraged to breast-feed her baby frequently and exclusively, at least eight to twelve times per day for initial several days, with no top feeds or glucose water whatsoever [. The mother should be told to bring the baby to the hospital if the color on the legs looks as yellow as the face.
  • Abdominal sonography – is a valuable screening test in the jaundiced patient [. The demonstration of biliary ductal dilation, gallstones, hepatic mass lesion, or an enlarged or abnormally shaped pancreas directs further investigation or therapy. Sonography is noninvasive, readily available in most hospitals, does not involve radiation exposure, and is cheaper than CT or other procedures in which the bile ducts are directly opacified. It may also allow guided biopsy or drainage of lesions in the liver or pancreas. However, sonography may be technically unsatisfactory in up to 40% of cases, primarily due to obesity or to the accumulation of bowel gas, which prevents transmission of sound waves.
  • Hepatobiliary scintigraphy – had little to contribute to the differential diagnosis of jaundice except in the instance of neonatal hepatitis versus biliary atresia or the occasional need for objective assessment of liver size. However, the development of new radionuclide agents with improved hepatic extraction and biliary excretion, improved imaging techniques, and the application of computer assistance to the interpretation of dynamic scans have transformed HBS into an accurate modality for the diagnosis of large bile duct obstruction and may also prove useful in demonstrating intrahepatic cholestasis[.
  • Percutaneous transhepatic cholangiography – involves the passage of a thin needle into the liver under fluoroscopic guidance and injection of contrast into the biliary tree [. The procedure is easily available, its cost is generally less than that of ERCP, and a local anesthetic injection over the right flank is the only sedative or anesthetic medication required. Dilated ducts are opacified in 95 to 100% of cases, but even nondilated ducts are opacified in 60 to 95% of cases. A dilated, the obstructed duct may be decompressed percutaneously by the passage of a guidewire and cannula through the right flank incision.
  • Endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography – is performed by passing a flexible fiberoptic endoscope into the patient’s duodenum, inserting a cannula into the pancreatic and common bile ducts and injecting radiopaque contrast into these structures under fluoroscopy [. ERCP has the advantage of visualization and potential biopsy of the stomach and duodenum (since the scope is side-viewing. the esophagus cannot be seen). The procedure diagnoses pancreatic carcinoma in at least 90% of cases and can furnish visual (photographic and radiographic) and histologic proof of ampullary tumors.

Treatment of Pale Skin


  • Antioxidants – It present in coffee stimulates the face and enhances blood flow. Coffee scrub helps removes dead skin cells, locks the moisture in your skin and reduces the appearance of fine lines and blemishes. What you are left with is radiant, smooth skin.
  • Take a Vitamin B complex – B vitamins help strengthen blood vessels and capillaries, to limit breakage and leakage in the eye area.
  • Up your Vitamin C and other natural antioxidants –  This helps fight off damaging free-radicals that weaken the skin causing it to become thinner and more translucent, therefore making dark circles more visible.” Ditch the junk food which does the opposite.
  • Avoid certain medications – Anything that could dilate blood vessels results in increased blood flow around eyes which can cause shadows to darken.” Check with your doctor or a pharmacist if you are unsure.
  • Use a targeted eye treatment – Reinforce your delicate capillaries and brighten your skin with a multi-pronged product. It is a light serum with a clever complex that helps do both, revealing results instantly – and with continued use.
  • Oral iron supplements – are the best way to restore iron levels for people who are iron deficient, but they should be used only when dietary measures have failed. However, iron supplements cannot correct anemias that are not due to iron deficiency. Iron replacement therapy can cause gastrointestinal problems, sometimes severe ones. Excess iron may also contribute to heart disease, diabetes, and certain cancers. Doctors generally advise against iron supplements in anyone with a healthy diet and no indications of iron deficiency anemia.
  • Treatment of Anemia of Chronic Disease – In general, the best treatment for anemia of chronic diseases is treating the disease itself. In some cases, iron deficiency accompanies the condition and requires iron replacement. Erythropoietin, most often administered with intravenous iron, is used for some patients. There are two forms of supplemental iron: ferrous and ferric. Ferrous iron is better absorbed and is the preferred form of iron tablets. Ferrous iron is available in three forms: ferrous fumarate, ferrous sulfate, and ferrous gluconate.
  • The label of an iron supplement – contains information both on the tablet size (which is typically 325 mg) and the amount of elemental iron contained in the tablet (the amount of iron that is available for absorption by the body.) When selecting an iron supplement, it is important to look at the amount of elemental iron.

A 325 mg iron supplement contains the following amounts of elemental iron depending on the type of iron:

  • Ferrous fumarate. 108 mg of elemental iron
  • Ferrous sulfate. 65 mg of elemental iron
  • Ferrous gluconate. 35 mg of elemental iron

Dosage of 325 mg iron supplement

  • Depending on the severity of your anemia, as well as your age and weight, your doctor will recommend a dosage of 60 – 200 mg of elemental iron per day.
  • This means taking one iron pill 2 – 3 time during the day. Make sure your doctor explains to you how many pills you should take in a day and when you should take them. Never take a double dose of iron.


  • Spray rose water on your face – Rosewater has hydrating and brightening properties. Dip soft cotton balls in rose water and apply them on your face. You will notice your skin looks refreshed immediately. Further, the aroma of rosewater acts as a mood enhancer and helps you get rid of anxiety and fatigue after a long day at work.
  • Make a honey face pack and keep it on for 2 minutes – Vitamins B and C present in honey nourish the skin. Washing your face with a few drops of honey followed by cold water can actually reduce the appearance of tiredness on your skin and give it a lustrous look. For an instant, pick-me-up applies a curd and honey face pack for 5 minutes and wash it off
  • Wash your face with a lemon-based face wash – Most lemon based face washes contain energizing and soothing properties. The citrusy smell makes you feel fresh immediately and leaves your skin squeaky clean.
  • Dab on petroleum jelly on your eyelids and cheekbones – This modest ingredient from the drugstore can immediately give you glossy, have-just-got-a-facial dewy skin, Apply it on your eyelids and cheekbones to give that instant lift to your face.
  • Give your face a quick olive oil massage – Massage can have wonderful effects on your skin. Olive oil is the best moisturizer for your skin and comes loaded with antioxidants. Take some olive oil and gently massage on the face. Apply firmer strokes on your temples, jawline, and bridge of your nose to get the blood circulating in your face.
  • Use mascara to maximum effect to create the illusion of big eyes – Apply a transparent liner on your waterline, dab on essential oil on your lashes and apply lots of mascara. Let the first coat dry and then apply a second coat for bigger and thicker lashes. This trick makes your eyes look bigger and makes them the focal point of your face.
  • Apply ice cubes on your face – Rubbing Ice cubes on your face instantly refreshes and awakens skin, de-puffs eyes, tightens pores and makes your skin appear smooth. Wrap an ice-cube in a soft cotton cloth and massage it on your skin for best results.
  • Pull in your cheeks and blow a kiss – Facial exercise when done regularly gives a better shape to your face and neck. However, when you need to quickly energize dull-looking skin, inhale, pull in your cheeks into a pout and then blow a kiss releasing the air in the mouth. Do this 20 times and you will notice your face looks brighter immediately, due to increased blood circulation.
  • Leave your hair down – When your skin is looking a little dull and tired, keep your hair down instead of tied up. The hair frames the face in a delicate way and conceals the boundaries of our face, creating an illusion of a more defined jawline and cheekbones. But if you just have to keep your hair tied up, keep a few flicks on the face so that the attention on your skin and face gets slightly divided.

Excellent Way  You Look Pale Free Skin

Use sunscreen

sunscreen, look younger

Being exposed to sunlight does have health benefits. It can help regulate the production of melatonin, and we humans are are rather good at converting rays into vitamin D, a nutrient that a supermajority of Americans are deficient in, particularly those living in northern states. That said, ultraviolet (UV) rays break down skin fibers, which cause it to sag and lose elasticity (not to mention lead to melanoma). If you’re going to be spending time outside, use a sunblock with an SPF of at least 30, and wear a hat with a brim that casts a shadow over your face.

Tame your guy-brows

eyebrows, look younger

As you get older, your brows can get, well, a little woolly. This change can happen slowly, making it harder to recognize (and leaving you scratching your head when people start offering you their seats on public transit). Resist the temptation to shape them yourself. Instead, ask your barber to do a trim during your regular visits. And while you’re at it, have him take care of excess ear and nose hair too. Don’t be shy—he’s used to it.

Get more sleep

get more sleep, look younger 50

When your co-workers tell you that you look tired, they really mean that you look bad, old or both. Next time you’re at the water cooler, hand them a tall glass of STFU by having snoozed your way to a more youthful, vibrant appearance. Studies indicate that seven to eight hours of shut-eye is optimal, and it’ll make you look younger, happier and more attractive. Talk about an easy route to reeling back the years. (And extending them: According to a study published in the Journal of Sleep Research, getting less than six hours of sleep a night comes with a 10% increase in risk of death!)

Eat oysters

Oysters look younger

In addition to being a great source of muscle-protective protein, oysters are a prime source of zinc. “This mineral helps convert vitamin A, a vital nutrient for eye health, into a usable form and transport it through blood, says Chip Goehring, Board President of the American Macular Degeneration Foundation (AMDF). “Recent studies also suggest that zinc can slow the progression of macular degeneration,” he adds. How’s that for a pearl of wisdom?

hiring process

Our faces appear to lengthen as we age. One way to forestall looking like an old codger is to foreshorten your look and make your face appear more rounded (read: youthful). Crewnecks make the face look more rounded than V-necks. For the same reason, when you’re dressing casually, wear button-collared shirts rather than a wide-spread collar. They narrow the face.

Shave off a few years

career secrets

Sure, stubble, a moustache or a beard can lend you a rugged air but forgoing a clean shave isn’t ideal if you’re trying to look more youthful. A recent British study showed men with facial hair looked about 10 years older than they actually were. But that’s not the only reason you should shave to look young. Taking a razor to your face sloughs off dead skin cells and helps stimulate collagen production, making your face appear younger.

flaxseed food over 40

Flax offer a payload of omega-3 fatty acids, which erase spots and iron out fine lines. A study in the British Journal of Nutrition found that participants who downed about half a teaspoon of omega-3s in six weeks experienced significantly less irritation and redness (thanks to their anti-inflammatory properties), along with better-hydrated skin.

Dress your age

look younger suit

Passing 40 can “inspire” us to dress younger. Bad move. “Dressing younger only serves to highlight your advancing years,” says Alex Wilcox, co-proprietor of New York men’s clothing store Lord Willy’s. “You end up looking like a old head on a young body. This in contrast to dressing classic — albeit with a few playful little touches — which tends to do the opposite.

Stand up straighter

good posture, look younger

Another quick, simple way to appear younger is to stand up straight, pull your shoulders back and tighten your core. Experts say you’ll appear 10 pounds lighter and will be perceived as healthier, more confident, alert, and more youthful. It’s also a hedge against back pain.

Smile more

older woman smiling, look younger 50

A 2011 study demonstrated that happy-looking people are perceived to be younger (compared to pictures of the very same people sporting a neutral or angry expression). In the study, 154 adults guessed the age of 171 male and female faces. Researchers discovered that the age of happy or smiling faces was likely to be underestimated by an average of about two years!

Nuke age spots

age spots, look younger

Brown splotches on the face or hands are a giveaway of aging skin, and we tend to see them arrive more when we reach our 50s. IPL (intense pulsed light) or lasers helps to disperse the pigment, leading to an even, more youthful complexion.


woman moisturizing, look younger 50

Dry skin can look so dull that you can actually end up looking like you’re covered in a thin layer of dust. Use a moisturizer on your face, hands and body. An effective, natural and inexpensive option is coconut oil. Not only is it effective at locking in moisture and staving off wrinkles, but you’ll also smell and taste like a macaron. Women love macarons! Another tip: Wear tinted moisturizer.

Grapes, healthy food

Grapes are filled with anthocyanins, which have arthritis-fighting properties and help boost collagen in the retina, which protects the eyes against age-related macular degeneration.

Detox with water

look younger lemon water

Puffy, dark circles under the eyes often become worse with each passing birthday—and being dehydrated make matters even worse. To replenish your body, cut up some citrus fruits (rind included), soak them in a pitcher of ice water and drink copiously. The citrus not only improves the water’s flavor and drinkability but the rinds contain a powerful anti-inflammatory compound called de-limonene, which helps the liver flush toxins from the body, according to the World Health Organization.

mushrooms, look younger

A study in the journal Biological Trace Elemental Research found prematurely graying individuals had significantly lower copper levels than a control group. Your body requires copper to produce pigment for your skin and hair, and shiitake mushrooms are one of the best dietary sources. Just a half-cup provides 71 percent of your recommended daily intake of copper—and for only 40 calori

Take up yoga

stretches warmups workouts pillar marching look younger

Ever noticed that devotees of yoga seem to have a youthful air about them? It’s no coincidence. Yoga can help to turn back the clock: Over time, it’s likely to de-stress you, improve your posture and help to loosen muscular knots caused by tension.

Whiten your teeth

older woman smiling, white teeth, look younger 50

Dingy chompers speak to all the coffee, red wine and cigarettes you’ve enjoyed over the years. Not good. Your first move? Exactly what you were told as a kid: Visit the dentist for a cleaning and exam twice annually, and heed their advice about flossing. Once stains have been removed, try a whitening toothpaste. Smile still not popping? Look into a professional whitening treatment. Going forward, eat apples, celery, raw carrots, broccoli and other crunchy greens, which can actually exfoliate fresh stains.

Have more sex

shower sex look younger

This is a fun one. Studies have found that couples who have sex more often look more than a decade younger than the average adult who has sex less often! Some experts have postulated the pleasure derived from sex is a crucial factor in preserving youth. To really spice things up in the bedroom

Don’t get too nutty with dieting

man diet, look younger

Although a paunchy profile will make you seem older, losing too much fat in the face can make you look gaunt.

Try Botox

botox injection, look younger

Sure, botox and other products like it are good at smoothing out foreheads, but these muscle-paralyzing injectables can be used in other ways too. For instance, over time, muscles tend to pull the corners of our mouths downward. By paralyzing them, your resting face will look more friendly.

Eat yellow peppers

yellow pepper, look younger

In a study of more than 700 Japanese women, researchers found that the subjects of the more yellow and green vegetable ate, the less apt they were to have wrinkles and crow’s feet — even once they controlled for smoking and sun exposure. And a study out of the UK concurs. The British study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that volunteers who consumed just four milligrams of Vitamin C (what you’d get in a single bite of yellow pepper) daily for three years decreased the appearance of wrinkles by 11 percent.


exfoliate, face mask, look younger

You’re not sanding down a table, so there’s no need to overdo exfoliation. You just need enough friction to slough off some dead cells on the surface of your skin, preferably before bed. It’ll make your skin smoother, reflects light better and make it look more radiant and youthful.

Chill out

keep calm relax get to it chill out look younger

Stress is wrinkle fuel. Luckily, relaxation can be learned. Get good at it, and you’ll soften those lines of stress and worry that can become a permanent part of our facial landscape.

Cut out sugar

soda, sugar, sweetener, stay lean look younger

Our skin has its own support system in the form of collagen and elastin, two compounds that keep your skin tight and plump. But when elevated levels of glucose and fructose enter the body, they link to the amino acids present in the collagen and elastin, producing advanced glycation endproducts, or AGEs. That damages these two critical compounds and makes it hard for the body to repair them. The process is accelerated in the skin when sugar is elevated and further stimulated by ultraviolet light, according to a study in the journal Clinical Dermatology. In other words, eating lots of sugar poolside is the worst thing you can do for your skin.

Exercise regularly

older woman exercising, look younger 50

Moving your body on a regular basis is definitely one of the best hedges against aging (not to mention dying early). Aside from the myriad health benefits, raising your heart rate will encourage blood flow to the skin and help give it a healthy glow.

Get a great haircut

smiling business man, suit, older, look younger 50

As we age, the density of our hair decreases. By the time you notice that your crowning glory isn’t what it once was, it’s likely that you’ve already lost about half the hair you had during your mane’s illustrious heyday. Clinging to a longer style might be perceived as a vain attempt to hang onto your youth, and it’ll make you appear older that you are. A shorter cut will thicken and give body to thinning hair. To maintain a sleek crop, find a barber you like and see him every four weeks.

sweet potatoes food over 40 look younger

A diet rich in fruits and vegetables has been shown to create a healthier, and more attractive, golden glow than the sun, according to a Journal Evolution and Human Behavior study. Researchers found that people who ate more portions of red and orange fruits and vegetables per day had a more sun-kissed complexion than those who didn’t consume as much — the result of disease-fighting compounds called carotenoids, which give those plants their colors. Few foods are as rich in the beauty stuff than sweet potatoes; just half a medium potato with the skin provides 200 percent of your daily recommended intake.


woman meditating, look younger 50

You may think this one sounds a little lame, but by getting into the habit of relaxing your face as you concentrate on your breathing, you’ll ease the lines of tension and worry that tends to come with being alive.

yogurt look younger

Dysbiosis is a fancy term for an unhealthy gut. What does that have to do with aging? Well quite a lot as it will be reflected in the condition of your skin. By taking acidophilus, a probiotic supplement also found in yogurt and kefir, you can enhance levels of good gut flora, which may soon result in healthier, younger-looking skin.

Call time on boozing

Classic Martini, cocktails

Alcohol has a dehydrating effect on the body and inhibits our ability to use our body’s fat stores for fuel. But it also dilates the capillaries on the face and has a general inflammatory effect on the body that can make you look significantly older than you are.

Eat more avocados

Avocados, brain foods look younger

This fruit is rich in monounsaturated fatty acids, which have been proven to hydrate and shield the skin by lowering the risk of premature aging caused by ultraviolet radiation. Avocadoes’ potent source of fats also helps you absorb many of the fat-soluble vitamins that also help protect your skin from sun damage.

Oatmeal and raisins and bananas for low blood pressure look younger

Oats feed inflammation-reducing gut bacteria, minimize spikes in blood sugar that can contribute to skin problems, and strengthen and firm up your body tissues. Also, because of oats’ high source of silicon, a trace mineral that also helps skin retain elasticity, a daily bowl can help slow the signs of aging.

Use eye cream

woman using eye cream, look younger

According to market research firm the NPD Group, sales of eye creams for men have gone up 16 percent this year. Seems we’re getting wise to something that women have known for decades: The first obvious signs of aging are fine lines around the eyes. They happen there first because the skin under the eyes is very thin, so it’s susceptible to signs of stress, late nights and hangovers.

Drink rooibos tea

rooibos tea, look younger

Living a high-stress life is a good recipe for aging. Aside from making you look older (hello, facial wrinkles), stress can make you feel older by zapping your energy levels. Chronic stress also increases the odds you’ll develop an illness that can further speed the aging process. To counteract the stress-pumping cortisol, make yourself a cup of rooibos tea. The plant is rich in a flavonoid called aspalathin, which has been shown to reduce stress hormones that trigger hunger and fat storage and are linked to hypertension, metabolic syndrome, cardiovascular disease, insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes. The drink is also a good source of polyphenols that help protect the skin from premature aging.

Reseed your lawn

hair transplant, look younger 50

Hair transplantation involves hair follicles being taken from the back and sides of the head and replanting them on the crown and in the front of the hairline. Males go bald in the telltale pattern because the growth of hairs at the top and front of the head are more susceptible to dihydrotestosterone or DHT. Hairs from around the back and sides aren’t and will spring up when relocated a top your thinning dome and ultimately, turn the clock back.

Get cheeks

wrinkles, look younger

A tell-tale sign of aging is starting to look drawn in the face. It’s caused by the drooping of the fat pads in our cheeks and beneath our eyes. Luckily, there are some effective interventions, including a range of injectables. Some are simply fillers, while others enhance the body’s own production of collagen.

pins and needles, acupuncture, look younger

Proponents say that it can produce remarkable results by increasing the circulation in your skin and encouraging the production of collagen and elastin.

Eat whole grains

whole wheat bread, stay lean look younger

Not only will swapping refined grains like white bread and pasta for whole grains help you trim down, it’ll help keep your skin looking younger. Refined grains cause blood sugar to soar, which speeds up the formation of wrinkles. How? When you eat a refined carbohydrate, the body converts the sugar to glucose, a nutrient that damages collagen and other wrinkle-fighting protein.

Try Kybella

kybella skin care treatment

How’d you like to lose your double chin on your lunch hour? Kybella is an FDA-approved injectable that naturally dissolves neck fat over time, sharpening your look without surgical intervention.

Get happy

happy relationship, 20 phrases to say look younger

Spend time doing things that make you cheerful. You’ll feel better and look better as a result. For some no-fail ideas, starting checking off these 25 Ways to be Happier Right Now!

Invest in a cleansing brush

shirtless man in mirror

You know that a good moisturizer, eye cream, and proper shave are essentials, but you also have to prime the canvas. Clarisonic’s motorized brush, created for thicker male skin, makes 300 movements a second, exfoliating, sweeping away pore-clogging oil and enabling a closer shave. It’ll keep you smooth and young-looking in more ways than one.

Take glucosamine

look younger glucosamine

One of the things we lose at we age is cartilage, the flexible connective tissue that’s found throughout the body, including on the articulating surfaces of our joints. Time and movement wear it away, leaving you feeling creaky and causing pain. Moving in a way that reduces that pain may also have the effect of making you look old. The good news: You can help to reverse this by taking a glucosamine supplement. A study published in the Lancet showed that over a three-year period, a glucosamine regimen reduced joint pain and stiffness by up to 25 percent and helped prevent the progression of osteoarthritis in the knees. Take 1,500 mg a day and you should see improvement in about six weeks.

Buy a light stim

look younger wrinkles lightstim

As we age, facial collagen production falls off a cliff, leading to wrinkles. This handheld LED enervates your epidermis, stimulating collagen, shrinking pores and filling in lines. It may sound like snake oil, but it’s FDA approved.

Empty your pockets

woman texting on smartphone

For the last 12 to 15 years, pants have been getting slimmer. At the same time, phones have become wider, longer and flatter. While our pants and phones have been evolving in diametrically opposed ways, it was decided that the belt-mounted phone holster would be embraced by precisely no one. The upshot: We’re walking around with packed pockets that make the waist look much wider than it is and us older than we are. So pare down to the absolute essentials. Sign up for Apple Pay, replace your bulky wallet with a sleek stainless-steel clip for your essential cards, take seldom-used keys off your ring, and stash your phone in the inside pocket of your jacket when you’re wearing one. When you’re not, hold your phone in your hand. (It’s there most of the time anyway.

Try natto

natty, healthy foods, soy beans, look younger

Natto is a strong smelling Japanese food made by boiling and fermenting soybeans with bacteria that increases the beans’ nutritional value. It’s the highest dietary source of vitamin K2—a vitamin which is important in promoting skin elasticity to help prevent wrinkles.

Quit smoking

smoking first heart attack

News flash: To put it lightly, smoking isn’t great for you. Aside from all the horrible things it does to your insides, it’ll also age you like nothing else on the outside. See, smoking deprives the skin of oxygen, then speeds the process of skin aging by degrading collagen, which means more wrinkles faster.

look 7 tommy hilfiger preppy white pants suits blazers

As pants have become more streamlined, the rise—the distance between the middle of the crotch seam to the top of the waistband—has shortened. Rise is important because it determines where your pants sit on your body, which in turn creates your perceived waistline. Low-rise pants look great—provided you’re in the minority of men sporting less than 8% body fat. Middle age is when your age starts to show around your middle. Therefore, if you’re rocking even a modest amount of chub, they become the plinth upon which you display your muffin top to the world. Wear your pants so that the waistband lives up to its name and sits at your natural waist.

Eat more oily fish

salmon, heart healthy foods, brain foods

You really are what you eat: Ever seen a mackerel with dry skin? Consuming essential fatty acids, like the ones found in oily fish or fish oil supplements, not only helps our brains to function more smoothly, it will also be a boon for skin-cell-membranes, keeping them in good health and preventing them from drying out.

deep breath, mature woman, look younger 50

What could make you appear older than gasping for breath after taking the stairs? Research in the journal Thorax (yeah, we read ’em all) shows that chronic hostility can reduce lung function and speed the natural decline in lung power that normally occurs with age. These findings arc from a study of 670 men whose anger levels and lung function were monitored over 8 years. Researchers say anger can alter neuroendocrine processes, which can trigger chronic inflammation and damage the lungs.


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