Best Way Whole House Water Filter for Home

Water is the most vital part of everyday life and it has to need to be hygienic, clean and pure. But the puzzle happens, when you have to choose a filter for your whole house. Yes, people often got confused about the different types of water filters that are used at home. After all, you have invested in something that is precious for life leading.

Consequently, the matter of confusion is understandable, because when it comes to filtering water whether its tap or well water. The whole house water filter is offering a wide range of water purification technology. So that, one can take a filter in according to their water type and other necessary requirements. Meantime, assuming the demand we have made a list of different type of water filters that are currently popular and common in the market. Hope our magnificent list will cover up your all accruing knowledge that you want to know about the filter that used for water purification.

Various Sort of Water Filters

Depending on the water purification process water filters can be serial into five categories and they are:

  1. Reserve Osmosis (RO)
  2. Activated Carbon Filters
  3. Ultraviolet Filter(UV)
  4. Sediment Filter
  5. Distillation

Reserve osmosis

Reserve osmosis is the most popular and advances water filtration process in current time. Maximum RO system uses multiple stages in order to reduce all unwanted object that remains in the water. With said it has the ability to remove harmful chemical, dust, dirt, arsenic, bacteria, contaminants, heavy metals, and many other major unhealthy elements. And the end results this filter gives you odor free, clean and healthy water. Actually, reserve osmosis filter is very helpful for those who want one single filter that gives solution for all type of water. Beside, loved by people as it requires less maintenance and save money by offering maximum facilities than other water purifiers.


  • Able to remove 99% of contaminants and other unhygienic elements
  • Improve the taste of water and make it odor free


  • Reserve osmosis system wastes a lot of water in the purification process
  • Need high speed of water pressure

Activated carbon filters

An activated carbon filter is also known as charcoal filters that are pretty famous as an ancient domestic water purifier. An activated carbon filter basically uses coal, coconut shell, nutshell or other natural elements for the purification process. In the filtration process, it absorbs substance like sediment, silt, chlorine, some sort of contaminant from water in order to purify it. You may get wonder by hearing that, many RO (reserve osmosis) filter uses carbon filter in one of their stages as a pre-filter or post filter. That means carbon filter can stand alone and also can be used with other filtration systems. Whether you want to use it depended on you. But you could be sure that this filter helps you get Oder free and chlorine free water.


  • Perfect for removing disease-causing root like chlorine
  • Ensure tasty and odor free water


  • Like reserve osmosis( RO) not able to clean 99% contaminants
  • Don’t capable of removing viruses, bacteria, heavy metals, soluble salt like fluoride

Ultraviolet filter

Ultraviolet is the latest technology which uses UV light to purifier drinking water. It is chiefly work against bacteria, virus, cysts, and other harmful germs that exist in the water. These are the germs that are responsible for the disease like dysentery, cholera, typhoid and little more. However, in the purification process the filter using the ultraviolet light that passes into the water and ruins almost 99% noxious organism. There is little light inside the filter that maintains all the process of purification. Besides, this filter does not remove important salt from the water like much other water filters. Once more thing about the filter, that it does not require any additional chemical or extra heat for filtration.


  • Effectively removes bacteria, germs, viruses from the drinking water
  • Require little time for full fill the work
  • Do not waste water like reserve osmosis filter


  • Do not work against chlorine, dust, arsenic, and fluoride
  • The dead body of the bacteria, virus and other gems still remain in the water
  • Do not run without electricity

Sediment filter

The sediment filter is one of the inexpensive and simple filters that often use as a pre filtration stage. This filter is chiefly uses with RO and UV filter, in one of their stages for removing sediment from the water. Basically, a sediment filter is used for removing primary substance like dust, sand, dirt, silt and other inorganic things. This one does not work for removing chemical, arsenic, bacteria, virus and other organic germs. That’s why most of the people use sediment filter with other filters as a pre-filter or a post filter.


  • Perfect for removing an inorganic substance
  • Very easy to install and does not require electricity


  • Ineffective of removing bad odor and can’t able to improve water taste
  • Do not work against chemical, contaminates, bacterial and other heavy substance


Distillation is the natural way of purifying water. This filtration takes time to operate but give you 99% pure water whether it for drinking or other domestic purposes. Distillation filter first boiling the water and then let it vapor condense and finally become pure water. Although, it boiled water at first but at the end of the process the vapor cools down again into the form of natural water. In the process, it is able to remove bacteria, virus, contaminants, heavy chemicals, and germs whether it organic or inorganic. That’s means capable of pure water by killing almost every harmful substance and makes water pure, clean, and tasty and odor free.


  • Give you very pure water
  • Removes all sort of unhygienic element like RO filter


  • Can’t run without electricity
  • Take high time to pure water

What filtration technology is perfect as a whole house filter

Well, there is no such filter which we can assure you that could be regarded as a perfect whole house filtration system. It will possible when you have deep knowledge about filtration technology and you would use multiple stages in order to purify water. However, although we do not promise to perfect filter but we have a list of almost perfect water filter for your whole house. This list of whole house water filter we have made after the long term of research.

Final words

Whole house water filter is an effective way of purifying your domestic water. Besides an affordable in price and give you a fine solution for your everyday need. Here we have listed those five filters that are largely used at home and have a real ability to purifying water. But the list is not limited within five filters it is more than that. In a matter of fact, we have shortened the list with the most popular and well-organized filter so that it can save your valuable time.

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